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November 20, 2016


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Lots of hugs. HonestlY I don't have a coping strategy other than to keep breathing and living hour by hour or minute by minute...whatever the case may be. It's realLy really hard right now. Hard work, exercise or mind numbing tv help a little bit. Good luck and I hope this passes soon!


ABCD, I wonder if mine is friends with yours. They seem to have a few things in common. Most recently, I cope with Adderall, PlanetFitness, focusing as much attention as I can towards my children, and...my newest strategy, denial. I like to pretend nothings wrong. I like to smile, laugh, hang out with my friends, and go through each day as if I am not an unemployed single mother with a special needs child, a tweenager who is starting to call me out on my crazy, a bank account quickly dwindling, a leased vehicle I will have to give back if I can't get a loan to buy it, social awkwardness so pronounced I doubt it can be fixed, workout shoes and bras that need replaced, and the overwhelming feeling that I will die alone and unloved by anyone but my family.
I cope with Adderall, PlanetFitness, my kids, and a smile on my face. Not sure there is much more I can do. This too shall pass.....unless it decides to stay. *shrug


Maybe write the words that won't go away on paper. Write them a bunch of times, thoughtfully, fill up the paper, then slowly rip up the paper and your thoughts.

I understand deeper depressions now because of your post. Thank you and hang on as best you can. Cheering for you.

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