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February 14, 2016


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Very sweet and well written. How interesting to see things - as an outsdier from one side of the text... He seems a lovely man.


I LOVE love, but man...you just became single. A fresh start, alone, and with your children would have probably been healthier. It's okay to be alone.


I'm concerned that this seems so close to the end of (what seemed like) a fairly traumatic breakup.... I know you will say it's different this time, but, is it? I just wonder if it might be nice to be truly single for a while, figure out who you are, when you aren't trying to fit some mold that a man wants... It just feels like this is a pattern that has been repeated since your divorce.


Oh hey, here I am becoming exactly what the next guy wants me to be! Just like I did in my last 4 relationships. Which means I have learned exactly nothing.

Good grief.


Oh good grief. Your poor children.

just no

man. da. no.

just no

next time just send the screenshots directly to Patrick. it was exhausting scrolling all the way down here to suggest you and Sean back up for a few months. every time u wanna text him, you could text your kids instead.

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