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September 05, 2013


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A mandafesto! I really love it. I need to write a monafesto, maybe there will be tattoos in my future?

And you both look super cute.


A married man? Wow, good thing you got out of your marriage because of the example you were teaching your children by staying. Hooking up with a married man, letting men mark you with their handwriting all over your body-now there's the example you really want to set for your children! How very mentally healthy!


Nunya, if I could "like" your comment, I would do it a thousand times.

Amanda, please tell us that you were not messing around with a married man because that is INEXCUSABLE. No matter how many "but he wasn't happy" or "he was going to leave anyway" bullshit excuses you give. And yes - getting men to write all over your body, excellent example to set for your daughter. How about some real independence, for a change?

Patrick Curtain

Hi Nunya (anonymously).... Polyamorous, completely open to my wife of 23 years, even as life changes and moves on. Thanks for your concern, though. :)



Patrick - OF COURSE you're polyamorous. #facepalm

Regardless, I'm sure your wife (uh... ex wife? Or why not keep them both?) & kids enjoy you splashing this new relationship all over teh interwebz. And will THOROUGHLY enjoy when Amanda gets graphic, as she always does. Have you even read through all of Amanda's posts?

At some point, Amanda will run out of room for all the random words from men on her body.

Also - what are your thoughts on Peter Cetera?


i watched sister wives.
i didn't get it.
great for the dude....who wouldn't dig that ammiright?
but for the ladies? self-esteem issues?

Rachel R.

I don't want to get involved in this, but I want to address Rutch's comparison of polyamory to Mormon polygamy. Whereas, Mormon polygamy allows men to have multiple wives, polyamory is usually between two consensual adults who both see other people.

There is a lot of assumption that polyamorous relationships are primarily for the man. While this may be true in some cases, the ones that I know were instigated by the woman. I'm not privy to the details of Patrick's specific marriage, but it is presumptuous to assume that this was all his decisions.


Polyamorous now or polyamorous always? Seems like it is the former, in which case, not very nice :)



rachel r: i understand both sexes instigate these things...
you have to wonder why though? the need to feel wanted and desired by others to stroke a damaged ego?
most likely all cases....


I'm sure if Amanda got clearance to join a convent with kids, someone would fucking hate on that, too...

There are more poly people, then one might think. It ain't for you to judge. I'm sure if Patrick's wife wrote a letter of endorsement, you'd just piss on Amanda for something else...

What people do in their bedrooms or outside of it, is not anyone to judge. I couldn't do poly because I'm too insecure. I've seen it work wonderfully for people... Because we know how much monogamy and traditional marriage is SO working in this day and age, right, you Judgy McJudsters????

I'm very happy for you both....


Oh shut up. If poly was "working" so beautifully, why is this dude's 20+ marriage breaking up? There may have been a lot of issues to resolve in the marriage, whatever, I don't know,but inviting other people into the bedroom is almost never a good way to address those issues.

Yeah, a lot of people suddenly "discover" that they're poly when they hit their mid-life crisis and their marriage is running a bit stale. It ain't new, it ain't cutting-edge, it's just newagespeak for "I'm bored in my marriage and I want to bone other people." Adding in a "but hey, you're free to do so, too!" rarely helps.

I get to judge. So do you - you're doing it right now, aren't you? Everyone judges. If you don't want people to express their opinions of your choices, then don't put your opinions out on the webs for everyone to comment on.

For the record, I've been following Amanda for awhile and some of her choices have been awesome: running, healthful eating, dumping the loathsome Joel come to mind. But some are just ridiculous.

Amanda P. Westmont

I'm impressed, Nunya! Sounds like you've invited enough people into your bedroom to know that it's "almost never" a good idea. The "almost" makes me think it worked at least ONCE for you. I'd love to hear about that experience. Maybe I could learn from your sexpertise!


I have enough experience and expertise. I also have a sense of decency, self-esteem, and decorum sufficient so that I've no need to vomit it all over the Internet. You're a smart woman, Amanda. I really hope you wise up.


huh boy. this blog has officially jumped the shark.


blogger, rather.


Amanda, I love you, and if I wasn't suffering from an awful recurrence of PTSD along with being completely socially phobic, I would come to all the parties to which you invite me. I just wanted you to know that. (By the way, I lost 135 pounds.)

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