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July 09, 2013


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I'm glad you will keep loving, running and hopefully you'll never stop writing ;)
Fuck the naysayers, the critics and those who don't support ya, Amanda.....


That would have made me sad, too. I love how you wanted to start running so you did. :) Also, I want to run in the woods some time.


Oh my gosh, that really is heartbreaking. My husband is an avid runner, and the idea that we wouldn't be there to watch him finish his races is just unfathomable. He'd be so SAD if we weren't there. And just...that's what you do! You support your loved ones! You want to share in their joy! The idea that you wouldn't is just....oh, man. I'm sorry. That sucks.

Keep on doing what you do. You're figuring it all out! All of the life things. Good work.


You are my running inspiration. I get the heartache, though and I really admire you for powering through and continuing the run.

Chloe M.

Just.... unbelievable.

You are worth so, so much more than that kind of mind-fuckery.


I think it's fantastic that you realize your worth and despite your love for him, didn't allow him to treat you like that. Good for you. And great job on the race, and all the running you are doing. You are an inspiration!


I started running 5yrs ago, I've done 5 halfs and countless 10k and 5k and unless the Navy has my husband (yes Im a Navy wife) he's there for each and everyone of my races. At first he did not understand my love for running but he could see it made me happy so he was there. Even when he had to wait under the sun for 2-3 hrs (my best half time is 2:23, my worst 3:40 but on my behalf I was 26 wks pregnant for that one).
It IS a big deal for him to be there, and no it was not an unrealistic expectation for you to ask him to be there. Crossing that finish line whether is a 5k or a full marathon is a BIG deal. it did show how far he was willing to go for you and sadly he was not "in" it as much as he needed to be. Commitment is not about doing things when it's "good" for us, it's about beig there for the one you love no matter what.
I'm sorry things did not work out. But youve come a long way learning to live yourself to settle for less than you deserve. And you deserve full commitment.


I started the Couch to 5K program last summer and the final week coincided with a local 5K. I signed myself up, told my husband and kids to sleep in, and ran my race. The absolute best part? My amazing husband and kids were at the finish line, cheering me on. He knew I was nervous and it was an important race for me and wanted to be there. Definitely a keeper. I hope you find a keeper, too.


This is my favorite post of yours. Feels truly authentic. Good for you for seeing the lightbulb go off - you ARE worth it and you DO deserve more! Look ahead and just keep going. :-)


I think the universe deliberately kept this hidden from my Feedly until today because it knew that this is exactly what I would need today. I am working on healing from a relationship (and terrified of trying again) because of this very issue: I would do anything for a person I love, and I've never been with someone who would do the same in return. And it's terrifying, because by the time it becomes clear that the other person won't do the same, you already love him/her. I'm going to learn with you, I think.

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