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May 15, 2013


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Your relationship with Joel never felt like a partnership for this reader. It felt like a plus one. It felt like an expansion of yourself. But not an elevation, per se.

To be blunt, which I can, because I don't really know you (which means this could also be irrelevant fluff) it seems like it was a teenage/college infatuation. The person he was, the relationship you had seemed like a phase you would have gone through earlier, had you dated more and not gotten married so young.

But what the hell do I know, really? The relationships I've seen sputter and die, I have no idea what really happened and I don't here either.

I do know that no matter the feelings or ideas I got from the representation on your blog, I was rooting for your happiness. Still am.

Run. Write about it. Keep plodding on. Better times are ahead.


This aint your mama's broken heart. Miranda Lambert. I seem to gravitate towards that song when i'm sideways. Keep going girl, you got this:)


I'm sorry you're hurting. But I'm glad you've found a couple of outlets that are positive (running and writing) to help you deal with your emotions.


This might be my favorite post of all-time.


Beautiful! Thank you.


This is a beautiful, wonderful plan, Amanda!


Fact: You win at life if the way you are dealing with this break up is to run and write. Maybe you can get outside of your own head and just enjoy life for a while. Not everything has to be covered in angst. Taking a break from over-thinking everything can be a good thing.
I think you're going to be FANTASTIC on the other side of this. I'm cheering from the sideline.


I don't really have anything to say except I bought a pair of shoes, downloaded C25K, and am assembling a playlist because I could use a lot of running and crying of my own.

I hope we both get what we need even if it wasn't what we (thought we) wanted.

Thank you for sharing your journey.


Amanda, love your posts. I use them as antidote for my disconnected sister's posts that always sound victim-y to me. Yours make me root for you! Love and hugs--

jill (mrs chaos)

So...I love this post. For many reasons and especially how you wrote it. But then all of a sudden it hit me. You woke me up to my own grief that I'm experiencing. Even though it isn't a relationship, exactly. I'm grieving a loss and I couldn't wrap my brain around it until just now.

So, selfishly, thank you for writing and sharing this. Also, good luck on all of this. You're totally badass. Even with and through grief.

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