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May 21, 2013


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Great recap!!

1) For me, I don't sprint downhill because it hurts more going down than up., My knees are kinda fucked, but I still insist on running

2) I can't even express how great it is to read you're thoughts about Joel, and not waiting anymore.

3) "Zig Zagging" adds mileage to the GPS. There's a method, and I'm trying so hard to remember it right now., It will probably come to me at 2am, and I will wake from a dead sleep and yell out the name, lol. Anyway...it's a way of running in a straight line, or as close to one as possible. Not cross the street, or zig zagging around people (again, as much as possible). It keeps you from running farther than the actual race.


TANGENTS!! That's the word I was looking for...


Jen D.

"I'm done waiting. I refuse to be disappointed by anyone but myself."

Yes. Awesome lesson, and great sentiment. Congrats on finishing the race and on moving past Joel.


I love your words about waiting and not doing it anymore. Good for you! And great race - running, it's cheaper than therapy!

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