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May 22, 2013


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I don't know Sam personally but I'd like to shake his hand because YES.


I attempted my first triathlon on Sunday. My husband has done dozens and I've cheered at nearly every one. I felt like an expert. So, I was shocked to completely and epically fail during the swim! I couldn't even make it to the bike. I panicked and hyperventilated for 40 minutes and made only one 750 meter loop (there were 2 required). I felt like a stupid fool.

Then, I asked myself, "When was the last time you attempted something that you COULD fail at?" I couldn't remember.

I've decided that my kids (and I) needed to see that it's ok to try something new and fail. It's more than ok. It doesn't make me stupid or a fool. It makes me courageous.

In the same way that your running epiphany makes you courageous.

Balls out.

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