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April 07, 2013


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It was a truly fantastic day! Thanks for making "walking" bearable. We had great weather to go with our great time of catching up - you just never know what is going to happen at a race!


Hey, congratulations! I can see you getting hooked on marathons.

It looks like you have already figured this out but make sure you don't share your bib number or have it visible in pictures or post your exact time or the freaks who called you about the dog will have the person that sold you the bib banned for life like Lance Armstrong. LOL. Probably at least somewhat likely.


way to go!! thanks for sharing


Wow! You've swallowed all the racing snail pills and didn't leave one for me. (The Neverending Story reference.)

jill (mrs chaos)

So. Stinking. Awesome. CONGRATS!! (And I hope you feel better soon!)


Just remember, even after your muscular fitness catches up, you need to wait for your tendons and ligaments to find their way. Usually 9-12 months of running consistently. I know it sounds crazy, but otherwise you will end up in the neverending spiral of shin splints, plantar fascitis, tendonitis, stress fractures, ad nauseum. Finally, congrats on a great race - you'll always remember your first!!


Don't you think that your heart breaks slightly differently, slightly more deeply, about the tragedy in Boston now that you're a runner? I just can't believe that first New York was a disaster, now Boston, and London is next Sunday! (Plus, we have an epic blizzard here in Colorado so clearly the world is ending)

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your beautiful!!!


Sometimes knee problems and the like can be a result of form issues, too. So if you can get someone to watch you running (who knows what to look for), it might be worth it.

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