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March 19, 2013


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I think dealing with a little stranger anxiety with someone who loves animals and has come to your home to help him along is better than you doing it yourself. A vet who makes house calls for this purpose is likely to help him feel at ease, and it certainly won't be the vet's first time dealing with a blind deaf elderly dog. Perhaps a vet could prescribe a sedative for the car trip to the vet? As for you doing it yourself, how exactly would that happen? Trying to inject him yourself? Poison? A gun? Like, seriously? What are you considering?

Animals give us their whole lives, all their love, everything they have. Our ability to help them along when the time comes is a gift. To me, the only down side of having a dog or cat, and I have three, is knowing that unless you yourself are very old, that you'll never have enough time with them. Fifteen, seventeen, twenty years- doesn't matter. It will never be enough time. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Safe passage to the rainbow bridge for Harry....


We just had a vet come to our home to euthanize our almost 15 year old Lab--who was also incontinent (imagine that with an 80 pounder), so I know exactly where you're coming from. I'm sure a vet could prescribe an oral tranquilizer that could be given before he or she arrives to calm poor Harry. In our case, we fed our girl a big bowl of hamburger (her appetite never flagged, even as everything else failed), and she went back to her bed to rest, where the vet gave her a sedative that totally knocked her out (he said it was so powerful he could perform surgery while she was under), followed by an injection that stopped her heart. My son and husband were hugging her and telling her what a good girl she was the whole time. She passed peacefully, painlessly, with dignity, and surrounded by love. This is the way to go with Harry. You owe your pet a proper leave taking, even if it strains the budget.


You wanted attention. You got it now.

Mom of Three

You're not a terrible owner, you're a selfish person. How about NOT making the other place your "home base." How about spending some twilight time with your old family member is more important than getting laid? How about adapting your home so that he has his area, couch, that are easy to clean up? I see you are young now, but I have news for you, when you get older, a cough, sneeze or laugh will be all you need in order to PEE WHERE YOU STAND.

You're not making the effort. There are mobile vets in every area. Even if you can't find one, go to a vet, get a sedative, give Harry the sedative which will keep him calm on the way to the vet. I have three dogs, our 9th, 10th, and 11th during our longish marriage. We have never disregarded any of them like that, and we are not wealthy, not even close.

Pattie Crisp

Unbelievable...... you are complaining and asking for sympathy... your poor dog. Your dog is suffering and needs your understanding not complaining. We all get old, including you. Take him to the vet, see if he is in pain, sick etc. buy some doggie diapers if you need and give him love. He sounds like he is afraid (hearing going, can't see etc) and your excuse that your taking him to the vet would give him a heart attack is an excuse. Be a responsible pet owner.


Hmm. I think that the commenter above falls under TROLL.
At some point every pet owner must make a decision about their aging pets quality of life. It is a very hard decision, not one taken lightly. But the only way to deal with it is with a vet. You cannot take this into your own hands, it will haunt you forever if you do. I was also going to suggest that you call to talk to a vet that will come to your home, and they will have strategies to deal with this exact issue: old blind deaf dogs who starle easily. A tranquilizer or a sedative prior to the vet arriving is a great suggestion. I am sorry that Harry is ailing. It is never easy when a pet goes downhill or when you have to make the hardest decision for your pet.


Get a vet to do it. I can't believe you are thinking of doing it yourself. That is shameful treatment of a dog you are already treating shamefully by abandoning in an empty house.


It is never an easy decision, but it sounds like it's time. His quality of life is gone. Find a vet who will come to you. You will still have to deal with burial or cremation, so it may be more straight forward to just take him to the vet. Sorry you are facing this. Don't get another pet, please.


Please consider this:

End of life is the hardest thing that most people (normal human beings) have to deal with.
After 40 years of working with animals it still kills me each time it happens to one of my cherished pets.

This story is heartbreaking because it sounds like she should have never had a dog to begin with. Poor thing just wants
his family around him. He needs his pack. She can take him to where I am a volunteer...the Oregon Humane Society on Columbia Blvd. for his final car trip. They will gently and caringly put him to sleep so he can cross over the Rainbow Bridge. You are welcome to share my message with this person in hopes she can make the right decision for her beloved dog.

Thanks again for sharing. - L.W. - ARKOregon Animal Services


Hugs!! My dog is 13 and I dread that I may have to make this decision one day. I hope that my dog ends up having a disease or cancer so the decision is a bit easier. Having to decide when his (and your) quality of life is bad enough to warrant euthanization has to be rough.

Jen D.

I can't believe I'm actually surprised by how cold hearted this post is after all I've read from you...but I am. Please put away your selfishness for once and be there for this poor dog. If you can afford bars and tattoos you can afford to do this right. Of course you don't even put your children's needs before your own so why should we expect different for your dog. My heart is broken for that poor pup and this post makes me sick to my stomach. Please take a few nights away from Joel's to spend Harry's last days with him. I can't believe he's been left so alone so much.


I have 2 friends who have taken the same stance as you when their pets have gotten sick/older. Excuses. Excuses as to why they can't take their pet to be put down.

Everyone wishes their pet would just fall asleep & not wake. But that is not usually the case. Time to get real!

You need to put your big girl panties on & do what's right for Harry. Either have someone drive you to the vet while you hold him or call around & get a vet to come to your home.

It's now quality of life & it sounds like it's not much of one.


Call your vet and explain the situation. He or she will be able to make it work or will suggest someone who will.


Are you asking for ways to do it yourself? Have the vet come out. Come on.


Why would Genoa be upset with you? Why would you tell her it's your fault he's passed on? You didn't invent death. He's old. Everything dies. It's no one's "fault".

You know it's time to let him go. It's a hard thing to face. I'm proud of you.

You also know the best route to take. Get meds to sedate him from the vet. They will most likely put him to sleep (not kill, real sleep). Then transport him to the vet or have a vet come to your house for a lethal injection. It's the most humane option.

Giving him an overdose of over the counter meds may result in a painful seizure before death.

And stranger danger? Please. We're talking about professional, licensed, insured professionals who make house calls for a living. They're not an elaborate set up to case your house for stealing or raping.


Yes, you are a HORRID dog owner.
A dog lover would have a vet come out to the house and at least check that there is something wrong with the dog that can't be remedied before deciding to kill it.

So sad indeed.


its time to put your dear old friend down. It happens to all of us. Do the right thing and go to the vet. You also should not get another dog because you are a selfish bitch. probably shouldnt have kids, either.


It says right in you post you want to put him down yourself.


What makes me sad about this whole situation is that it seems that Harry has been neglected these past few years. I don't doubt you love him and want the best for him...but I don't think you've been there for him the way you should.



You posted this knowing the trolls would be out in full force and for that I applaud you.

Reading this yesterday I never once thought you meant to take your pups life yourself, but that you wished you could so he wouldn't have to be afraid. Yes, you're being selfish, but who wouldn't be in this situation, you've already made the decision to do what's best for your pup, no matter the pain it causes you.

Choosing to have someone come to your home is probably the best for all of you, and more than likely your vet will give you a Xanax (or whatever it may be) for you to administer to your pup before hand.

Getting a new pup is not the best thing to do now you will all need time to grieve, but don't rule it out for forever.

My two dogs got out, were hit by a car, and died Christmas Eve morning, the only thing that helped my children was to get another dog. We adopted a 7 year old English Mastiff on Christmas Eve, January brought a one year old rescue and an eight week old puppy to us. I still miss Annie and Mischief and its been two years, but I couldn't imagine life without the pack we have now either.



The end of the post was supposed to say ((hugs))


My 17 year old dog died at home last summer. He died the night before I was going to take him to the vet. The vet would have been a better option than having him suffer that night. I feel you.

Salome Ellen

We took our dog to the vet, (he had lymphoma), and on the way there we fed him all the cheese he wanted. Also chocolate chips, because what were they going to do, kill him??!! Do what you have to do.


Oh, lady! I don't read 'murder' in this ANYWHERE, and we had to make a similar decision with our cat. The sadness will fade with time, but that's not really a help right now. Love to you!


So what you meant by, "The dilemma is that I need to put him down myself. I can't take him to the vet" was?

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