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August 01, 2012


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Yay! I'm so proud of you for just jumping in with both feet!! And I'm stoked to read the first chapters again! xoxo! Love you!




I will start by saying that I really enjoyed both.

I love the relationship-that-could-have-been-just-might-be-again in Colin, but I also feel that the characters in Thelonius are more real.

I'm not much for erotica (I have no desire to read 50 shades) but I'm still drawn to the story. I just really want to know what happens.

Whatever one you choose to complete first, I look forward to possibly being able to read it some day.

You are a very talented woman.


haven't read them yet, but I'd say go for Thelonius.

Valerie Willman

My computer won't open either one. :( It downloads to my downloads folder and when i double-click, it takes me to that stupid conversion window. I've tried opening them in Text Edit (nope); I've tried saving them to my documents folder and opening them there (nope). Nothing seems to be working and I have no idea why.

Could just be a weird computer thing on my part.

At any rate, I know nothing of "Colin" (except I love that name), and I've read the first few chapters of "Thelonius" because I was an editing beta reader for you last year. I was thoroughly enjoying myself reading that one ... but I can't honestly give an opinion since I haven't also read any of "Colin."

And ...

I'm so sorry you can't feed me ... this hotel food is ASTRONOMICALLY priced. Gag.

Keep writing!

Linda Stewart

So I've read both first chapters. I want to read them both! If my only option is to choose one I believe I would read Colin. There's something about Family Drama and written in the right context it could easily turn into Erotica :)
You'll do an awesome job with whichever you choose to finish first. I look forward to reading them both.


I like them both! "Thelonius" seems more fun to read, whereas "Colin" already has me annoyed with the mother, but with both, I wanted to see what happens next.


Manda, I'm going to be a bit useless and say finish them both! I want to know what happens! ...Please?!

Keep it up, go for it!



Combine them!


I surprised myself by wanting to read the family drama. The characters are amazing, and there are so many dynamics to be explored. And young love followed by later-in-life love is a great tease.


I also liked them both but if I had to pick one I'd go with Colin. Mostly because I'm a sucker for an Irish accent but also I liked the complicated family dynamics you were setting up.

Glad you're wanting to start writing again!!


I'd read both. :) But I'm more interested in Colin.

Rachel R.

I was more interested and involved while reading "Colin." However, the name "Colin Quinn" threw me off because he is a kind-of celebrity (used to do the news on SNL, was on an old MTV game show "Remote Control," done some acting, etc.), so I kept picturing him. :)


Amanda P. Westmont

Heehee, Rachel. That was intentional. ;)


I suck. I liked them both, too. Want to read them both but since I read 50 Shades this summer, I'm thinking I'd like to start with book 2 to see if it has a (ahem) similar affect on me. :-)

Rachel R.

YAY! I think you and I are the only people who remember Colin Quinn. But it would be weird to picture this man in this scenario. I would expect him to just put up his feet, sigh tiredly at the family's antics, and blurt out some Brooklynisms.


Colin - I am the black sheep in my family. I want to know more about Leah.


My computer won't open them either. I am so bummed. I guess I have to wait for the finished product.


I read them. And THELONIUS.


Maybe repost the files as a PDF that is easier for people to open?

I like Thelonius. It's obviously the story of you and Joel and I can't wait to find out more!

Colin Quinn threw me too.


Gravy was a fun read, but neither of these grabs me at all.


Thelonius doesn't strike me as a work of fiction. It's basically just you writing about leaving Dave, and how you felt, and what you did. It sort of feels like a really long blog post, with a couple of details switched up.

You also are using the fill in the blank thing and profiles as an easy way to do a massive info dump, which is a novel writing 101 No No. It's too much info all at once. You should gradually show us some of this stuff, not tell it all here.

Haven't read Colin yet.


I'm in a romance mood so I vote for Colin.

Megan Whitacre

I preferred Colin. I didn't like the feel of Thelonius and quite honestly wouldn't have read further, but with Colin, I wanted to read the next part already.

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I read two. :) but I am more interested in seeing colin.

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