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March 19, 2012


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Dana Calhoun

Add Busprone to the Effexor for Orgasm. DC :)

cindy w

That Joel is a good egg.

Attorney at Large

You can have horrible reactions from Effexor withdrawal -- speaking from observing my husband, who knows it's coming when he starts hearing a buzzing sound in his ears -- and so glad you're OK. Hugs.


Having been through exactly the same problem (trying to stretch meds out over not enough money) I really appreciate your problem, and it makes me as furious for you as it did for me. In my case, it was both anti-depressants and my thyroid medication, and I started taking half-doses to try and squeeze through. Its miserable and ridiculous. Glad you've got a guy who gets it, and glad YOU get it too! Hugs!


amazing. you manage to blame everyone around you, the drugs, your brain, but never yourself. and then the audacity to say if only you could orgasm THEN you'd be golden?!? Holy hell, you are one twisted girl. LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

Joel should get out while he can.


Check out the OPDP discount card. I believe you can use it at Costco and a lot of other pharmacies. It may be able to save you some money. I used the WPDP one when I didn't have insurance.



Link to sign up:



Thats like me and my Zoloft. ( I know it was evil for you) But it's my miracle drug! If I am off it more than a few days, the GAD picks up and I am way more snappy with my son. Me on it, win-win.


Yikes... hope Christi was just kidding with that hostile comment.

Good luck with the orgasm business!


I think Christi probably needs an orgasm even worse ;-P


A lot of manufacturers will give you a free year of their meds if you have no insurance. I don't remember exactly how I located the info but it's a prescription drug program... Basically you call the manufacturer directly and they can help you...I think it only works if there is no generic of your particular medication available.

And to Christi... stfu.


Huh . . .I see this post as completely taking ownership of your actions/reactions and working to better yourself. I mean-your brain IS you. Then again-some folks seem to want to take offense to your words. Whatever. Gave me a chuckle . . .


BTW-is it legal in any state to marry your HMW? Cuz really, what else do I need? Now if it could just kill spiders.


My husband is on meds for panic disorder that took us a long time to perfect. Once we did figure it out, it made him happy and peaceful again. So much so, that the only way I could describe the difference in him was, "if you choose to stop taking these meds, then you are choosing to be miserable and not married because I can't watch you be miserable any more." It was my way of telling him, "I love you more than you know and I can't watch you be so unhappy when there is a way to make you YOU again.

Joel is a good egg.


one thing i'm really working on is this notion of Stories We Tell. like, i'm noticing i spin SO MUCH FICTION in my mind about SO MANY THINGS (my job, my husband, myself). a really helpful visualization for me, if yer interested - when i realize i'm fictionalizing, i take one deep breath, close my eyes, imagine myself handing a small, heavy book over to spirit, exhale hard, and move on.
don't know if that resonates at all, but yer post resonated with me.
be well.

Morgan (The818)

Taking the prescribed dose of Effexor makes a HUGE difference in how mental I am or am not. I get the brain buzz BAD though, so I always have fair warning that I'm not quite right.

Glad you are getting that sorted - it can really change your life for the better.

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