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March 08, 2012


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Yo Amanda, a quick request if possible. I don't mind you having ads at all, but the paragraph of ads right after the title of your post is really bloody annoying. It's in the same font and color of your regular text, one starts reading your post and then realizes, "Wait a minute? What's this mucinex bullshit?" Is there a way to place those somewhere else? Or at least box them, color them whatever.

Cute chick by the way. I am tapped out on animals/pets at home. If I never have to clean another cage/litter box/aquarium in my life I would be a happy camper.

And write more!!! (Sorry, clearly today is my demanding day.)


I'm so glad to hear your relationship is going well. I admit I've been worried.

Good luck with your new babies. That's exactly how I raised my chicks.


We always kept our baby chicks in the bathtub. My MIL once had a baby emu in her tub and I didn't know it until I went to pee and he popped his head out to say 'Hi'.

Faraway Reader

I miss your posts !!
Cute chick.

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