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July 02, 2011


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Again with the tear inducing blog. Love it.


So sweet...just lovely.


Such pain shouldn't make one smile so. Sweet cement.


This is powerful and quite moving overall. It would be even moreso if you could manage to write something like this without having to get in a nasty little dig at your ex. It's petty and juvenile and it's a sour note that smacks of agenda in an otherwise well written piece


We felt the same way: "Hey, this is too easy and too fast. Shouldn't we be worried?" 19 years, many illnesses and two kids later...


You two (I mean your two "characters") are just adorable.


s.a-I believe the point of her writing this was to, in as nice a way possible, explain the difference between her life with her husband and her new life with Joel. Looking back she sees things were not good then with her ex. Why is is wrong for her to describe that in HER story??


I am sorry Joel is feeling sick. Do they laser the stones to break them up? Must be really really painful. The rest of the story is lovely. I hope you are able to maintain the love and respect, easily, for the rest of your lives.


Sorry he had to be in so much pain, but what a lovely story. I feel that way with my husband, our relationship is so easy, being together is so...right. LIFE isn't always easy, but loving him, and him loving me, is. This was NOT the case with my ex husband and often I look back and can't believe I thought that was NORMAL and what a relationship was supposed to be. I think though, I wouldn't appreciate my relationship now nearly as much had it not been for my first shitty marraige.


beautiful. so happy for you both.
and sooo sorry he had to experience a kidney stone, i had one 2 months ago and it brought me down like nothing ever had. get well.

Katie N

It's amazing when it's easy, huh? And thank god (should I capitalize that?) for western medicine.


After 2 babies and 7 kidney stones, the pain prize goes to the kidneys stones!! Did you make a change to your Facebook? I used to be able to read the wall (not comment), but only the info is available. I miss it :(

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