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May 19, 2011


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I didn't know that was how couples worked either, based on my family growing up. Then I was blessed to meet my husband and find out that, indeed, not all men react to life with anger, blame and fearmongering. I'm so glad you're experiencing the same!


Funny how you have no job (and no interest in getting another one any time soon) and are on welfare/food stamps/state assistance (at the taxpayer's expense!) and yet you have $50-$75 a month to waste to get your HAIR DONE!  You would think, being on welfare that blowing that kind of money on your hair wouldn't even be on the list!  Let alone all the money you spend on booze and cigarettes and going out to eat all the time.  I think I will call the Washington state welfare fraud group and let them know.


Oh my word, Elizabeth, what the hell is wrong with you? First of all where on earth did you get the idea that she is on welfare? Second of all, she does get income from writing the religion blog and other free lance work. So how did that call to the welfare officials go? Did they scold you for wasting their time and taxpayer's money by complaining about someone who is not even on welfare?


i think I'll call the Douchebag alert group and give them Elizabeth's name.

Katie N

Crazytown is missing their mayor.


its been awhile since i commented, but i have to say two things:

1) i'm kinda thinkin' liz is nuts.

2) your comment about joel happily changing your tire made me smile.

That was all. :)


Oh Liz, you cray-cray.

Rayne of Terror

I have, in the past, called AAA on my cell from the broken down car to renew my membership and at the end of the phone call asked for a tow or a tire change.

If you don't know how to change a tire, have Joel teach you. It's not that hard and it's a skill every able bodied driver should have.


Oh Liz, it doesn't matter how much money someone has or where they get it, they are allowed to spend it however they fucking want.

faraway reader

I love non-angry men. That is great and I am so happy for you both and the kids.

Is Liz the church "email ahead" Liz ? If so I see a red flag there, gotta say.


I'm also confused as to where Liz is pulling her numbers from. I didn't see any mention in this post about how much it cost, only that it's done by students. I can go to a hair salon and pay $40+ for a basic wash/cut/dry with no styling. However, I go to a hairdressing school where the students charge $7.50 for the same and the teacher charges $15 (and because he's awesome he does the styling for free because he wants me to look good when I leave).

I don't color my hair because I am lazy about hair management but even that only costs about $20 at the school I go to.


Oh Liz, get your meds adjusted...

Joel Gunz

I was going to post a really funny thought I had about Liz, but then I saw all the other comments and changed my mind. Instead, lemme just say:

Dear Liz (and Stacey and, what the hell, Brandy and Dave the Slanderer too), I'm going to pray for you this Sunday.


Ok, Joel, not really sure why you're dragging me into this post, but whatever. You go ahead and pray for me. That's super sweet of you and I really appreciate it (although, I don't exactly get it since you don't believe in God, but whatever floats your boat).

@ Sherry: Amanda said this on her Twitter on May 11th: "I pay $40-$60 for color and another $15 for a cut at the Aveda Institute." She has also said in the past that she gets her hair done about every 4 weeks or so. I think that is where Elizabeth got her numbers from.

Since Joel decided to drag me into this, I will say this that I am with Elizabeth on this one. I am also aware of the fact that Amanda is getting food stamps and state medical assistance. Let's face it, the "writing" gig isn't paying Amanda all that much because, if it was, then she SHOULDN'T be receiving welfare. The fact that Amanda is voluntarily underemployed, has no interest in getting a job and is collecting welfare is wrong. Amanda can't pay for her children's medical care or food, yet she can blow money like that on her hair, alcohol and dining out. It pisses my husband and I off that, as taxpaying citizens, we are footing the bill for Amanda to be a deadbeat.

So, I say thanks Joel for bringing me into this because I do believe that you just earned your girlfriend another call to the WA State Welfare Fraud Department because I'm thinking now that I should go ahead and report her too. Way to go Joel!!

Also Joel, for you to take unnecessary pot shots at Amanda's ex-husband is really low. Dave is not a "slanderer" as you like to say. The definition of slander is "making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation". For Dave to call Amanda out on her lack of parenting regarding their children is not slander. He was telling the truth about how Amanda has completely phoned it in as a parent. Also, I find it funny how you can call Dave a "slanderer", when Amanda makes nasty comments about Dave all the time. I guess it's one of those "it's ok for Amanda to do it, but not ok for anyone else" kind of things.

Additionally, you make cruel and nasty comments just about every week about the people at the various churches you are attending, but I guess that you think that's ok as well. Oh wait, that's libel - which is even worse because you are putting it in writing in a public forum. So, maybe you should add yourself to your "prayer list".

Like I said before, this is the last I am going to address this crap with you. I have zero interest in engaging a man who's just a few years south of fifty years old in his childish behavior. But, I also know that you can't help yourself (hence your comment above). So, like I said before, Amanda has my phone number if you ever feel the need to behave like an adult.

The "you go girl club" can go ahead and jump all over me. I really could care less, because only a very tiny percentage of them actually know Amanda. The rest are only defending Amanda's false image she has created here so their "defense" is meaningless because they are unaware of the truth.

Amanda P. Westmont

Brandy, Brandy, Brandy!

How are you "aware of the fact" that I'm getting welfare? Because actually? I'M NOT. My children are on state health insurance because even when I was working full-time, they qualified. I personally don't have health insurance, state-provided or otherwise.

However, I happen to know that you yourself have been receiving monthly unemployment insurance for nearly two years. I also know that you have no intention of ever finding another job and that when you do look for a job (only because Washington state unemployment requires weekly proof that you are looking), you PURPOSELY make your applications look bad so that no one will want to hire you.

So *I'M* the one committing fraud against the US Taxpayer? What about your trips to Europe and Disneyland? I'm sure the taxpayers are THRILLED to be paying for those.

How do I know all this? Because the last time I was at your house, I heard these statements directly from your pie-hole. Which I highly recommend you learn to keep shut when it comes to me and my family.

In fact, Brandy, you're beginning to scare me. If I find out you've been anywhere near my children, you can expect a restraining order.


How about that guy who won 2 million in the lottery and still uses his food stamp card every month, because there are no rules about it? How about go after someone like that? And he doesn't even feel bad about taking taxpayers money he said. Now that's something to complain about!! That's someone who is abusing the system! LOL


I *do* know Amanda, and I don't have a fucking clue what her financial status is: its none of my goddamned business.

But something is happening here that really chaps my hide: The opinion that those on public assistance are sponging, or mooching off the rest of us. It usually sounds something like this:

"Oh, the lucky ducky welfare recipients! They get everything for FREE! Boohoo! Poor Me, having a job and a future, and extra income that I can spend on TVs and Movies and Cheap plastic shit from China. I wanna be POOR so that I can sop up the money from the hardworking people. I wanna eat food that can ONLY be bought with FOOD STAMPS, and wipe my ass with NEWSPAPERS. I wanna eat frybread every day out of year! I wanna wear used clothes, and never get anything new. I want to get a toy from Good Will, clean it up and present it to my kids as "new."

Those lucky poor people."

Apologies for the thread hijack, Amanda. I am sorry to hear about your Grandfather. It was tough losing mine.


Now I am steamed. You might want to just stop reading here: i am about to get pissed, and this might not be pretty.

And another thing you busybody asshats:

No one issues public assistance with an End User Certificate. As long as the recipient of said funds isn't doing anything illegal with it, its none your YOUR fucking business what happens to it. Zip. Zero. Beat it, kid. Don't you have some Ayn Rand Brand Superman underwear to put on or something?

Guess what? When you call the state, and whine to them that Amanda is eating caviar, buying Lexus SUVs and fur coats, they are going to take your number, look at some basic information, and shitcan your pissy little "complaint." nothing illegal, no reason to pursue.

Don't like it? Too fucking bad: public assistance is the cost of living in a civil society. One day, YOU will be on the receiving end of that help, or your kids, or your mom, and you will be very very glad it's there. Its there to keep people from falling OUT of society and on to the streets.

Wanna change it? Work to give EVERYONE a living wage. Reward work, and stop buying crap from places that employ slave and child labor.

If you REALLY don't like it, and still think Amanda is doing lines of coke of the backs of her household staff? Move to that Libertarian paradise of Samolia. fortunes to be made there.



VelvelAckbar, sending you a virtual high five. Brandy, Elizabeth and all the other such miserable fools. I really want to know how the conversation to the welfare officials will go, even if Amanda was on welfare,"Hello, Fraud dept.?" "Yes?" " I need to report Amanda W, who is using your money, wait for it, to COLOR HER HAIR!". Oh you people are so out of touch with reality.


I would like to propose to VelvetAckbar. Male or female, I'm cool, just make it happen.

Amanda P. Westmont

Ha, Ariel! JJ (Velvetackbar) is very happily married, but I can tell you this much: he'd appreciate your attitude.


First, I would like to point out the grammatical incorrectness of Brandy's comment: 'I could care less.' I think that what you MEANT to say is that you 'COULDN'T care less', but the (Freudian) slip you made makes it very clear that, perhaps, you care too much.

As far as the slander and libel remarks you have made go, perhaps you need to learn a little bit more about what slander and libel truly are--in the legal, I'm-taking-you-to-court sense--before you go accusing people of committing them. Expressing an opinion, even a negative one, is a basic civil liberty and First Amendment right here in the good-ol' U.S. of A. Just because YOU don't agree with it, or don't like it, doesn't make it slander or libel.

VelvetAckbar, I am in total agreement with your comments. I know Amanda and Joel outside of their respective blogs, but their employment/welfare/insurance matters are none of my dang business. To make these kind of statements over something as benign as getting your roots touched up is beyond asinine.

Brandy, Scott, and Liz--I have never met you and probably never will, I have no idea what relationship you have had with Amanda for you to feel justified in spewing the vitriol you have at her--but I have met your type before and all I can say is you are heading down Heart Attack, Cancer, and Stroke Blvd. If you don't put the brakes on and find something positive yo do with all that hate, you are the only ones that will pay in the long run. Amanda will be dancing flamenco on the old-folks cruise after making a pile on self-published novels, while you drool from your hospital bed in a grim nursing home. She will be drinking Geritol cocktails in the light of a Mediterranean sunset, while you lie in a darkened room wishing you hadn't alienated everyone around you with your nastiness and small-heartedness. That is, if you can think at all. It really depends on how your body decides to manifest all the bile you are producing in your hearts and minds right now.

As far as the comments on those people in our society unfortunate enough to have to rely on social programs to meet their basic needs--I have worked in enough social programs to see the kind of desperate conditions the vast majority of these people live in to have my jaw just drop at the utter insensitivity of your statements. I think about the family with 6 children who were living in a Minneapolis basement, with no windows and NO HEAT, in the middle of winter. How their youngest became so chronically ill with ear infections from her living conditions, that she became deaf. That is just one example of many that you spit on with your comments about people taking advantage of the system.

To imply that Amanda is one of a community of users and manipulators of a system that still doesn't provide basic needs for the people that are unlucky enough to be in it--staggering.

People who are in these programs rarely have the option of getting their roots done, no matter how cheaply. They are too busy trying not to starve to death and maintain some sort of roof over their heads to care about their hair color.

Instead of whining about the choices you think Amanda is making--which she hasn't informed you of, and so you can only guess at--why don't you consider putting that energy towards working for a bit of social justice for these people? Wouldn't it be nice to be so busy doing something truly worthwhile that you have no time to read about some random blogger and spend the rest of your day thinking of the meanest, nastiest things you can say to make her feel as shitty about her life as you seem to feel about yours?


I also cannot understand why anyone would feel that they have a right to comment on another person's choice of work, or 'underemployment', or even unemployment for that matter. If Amanda isn't sponging off YOU, you have no right to comment on her use of personal funds. Even if she was, I would hope that basic courtesy would keep you from blabbling it all over the Internets.


God is great, Beer is good and people are crazy.


Wow. The comments got a little side-tracked.

I was coming over here to say:

Your comment about the tire-changing reminded me of the first Christmas my mom and I shared after my stepdad moved out. We went to get a tree and were dreading it, because it had always been so fraught with my stepdad. Lots of swearing and frustration and anger.

So we went out to get the tree, all reluctant. Picked one out, got it on the car, got it off the car at home, into the house and set up. And then looked at each other in shock - because there had been no swearing or anger or frustration. And I was 13. So it's not like I was a ton of help.

The realization that life really could be do-able without the daily frustration and anger thing was AWESOME. Enjoy it.

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