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May 25, 2011


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Closed for business. For me, it's uncomfortable and too messy to bother with. My sister never had a problem with it though.

And while this might be TMI, I used to let the back door be open for business during that time, but not anymore. Ah the things we do when love is new.


I am definitely closed for business during that time, but I do have friends that don't mind. My boyfriend is all about doing it anytime no matter what and the thought of surfing the crimson tide doesn't bother him at all...but the thought just grosses me out. It's hard to get my sexy on when I just feel gross. I have done it in the shower during that time before though and it wasn't too bad.

faraway reader

Wow you know how to clear a room (blog?)lol.
Your forgot the saying "If you wanna be a knight you gotta get your sword bloody".
Sorry I couldn't resist and I have no idea where I heard that.

Married ten years I can say it is not really an issue either way. I have done it but I don't love it or loathe it. Short periods are great and I plan around it most times.


They have this fun little invention now called an instead! It looks like a little cup. You put a fresh one in and presto change-o it's almost like aunt flow never arrived! They are also good if traveling for a long period because they hold more fluid and wont cause toxic shock (or so it said on the box). And, I agree with Jen, the shower is best with out the instead.
Sex during is awesome if you are cramping. It helps to massage all your pelvic floor muscles. So, I hope this info helps.

faraway reader

And I meant to add I think dispelling the hoopla about periods with kids is great. It's a fact of life for girls (younger and younger now) and the more boys are exposed to the concept of it the less taboo it is.(I wouldn't have shown him it either obviously) I have sons and I want them to see it as biology instead of the "curse" and all that ridiculous business it used to be known as. I hope we have evolved past that for the sake of young girls.


It doesn't bother me. I make sure that theres a towel beneath. As for the tampons I refer to them as a wand. My daughter knows its for blood and to be especially nice to mommy at that time.


So, it depends. On the partner, the specific proposed activity, if I feel crappy, etc. But most of the time, some good old P in V sexing it up is just fine when Aunt Flo is visiting.


Seeing as sex is usually a messy affair for us anyway, sex on the period is a definite GO. Feels great, helps with cramps, and is a wonderful excuse to "play doctor".


The man and I don't mind getting it on during my period. Like someone else said, we just put a towel down, because I hate washing sheets. Although he accidentally earned his red wings one time when my period showed up early.

TooAfraidTo Say

I am closed on the heaviest day otherwise a towel underneath takes care of the mess. I also am a backdoor is open girl so we can go that route if it is too messy.


Yeah, my squeamish hubby's not into that. I'm not against it so much as turned off by the mess of the aftermath. It's a good opportunity to get creative with other things ;)


you sure know how to start some interesting conversation Amanda! I love how nothing is really off-limits!

I haven't even begun to explain to Josie what the tampons/pads are for. I did catch her playing with a tampon once when she was about 2-trying to stuff if between her legs . . . yeah, she's paying attention even when I don't realize it! I like how you handles it.


My husband doesnt care all that much. Neither do I, if we are in the mood, we're in the mood!

I know it sounds Raunchy, but after i read this to him (and comments too) he said "I've played in the mud and F*d thru the blood"




I want to second the Instead--I love those things so much! I haven't used a tampon or pad since I discovered them, and they do indeed make sex not only possible, but incredibly pleasurable when I'm having my period. My boyfriend swears they add a little something extra for him to rub up against in there, so he's a huge fan as well.


We did it once, but my husband doesn't remember. I remember it actually being good... maybe because of increased sensitivity? In any case, I would not mind except on my heaviest day, but he is not a fan of the idea at this point!


I am such a prude so I say no action during that time of the month (although this Instead thing sounds interesting). I just wanted to comment to say I love how open you are and I loved reading the comments. The girl who left the "back door" comment made me laugh because I can just see her man saying, "but you used to...". haha!! oh how things change!


Joel is right... you need a new IUD.

My daughter is 12 and that means she will probably start menstruating soon. I keep trying to talk to her about this stuff but she never wants to and is pretty good at cutting me off. I'm mystified as I've always been pretty open about this kind of stuff.


I'm confused by this Instead thing. I've seen it in the store... but how do you have sex with it in? Wouldn't that like, shove it up there so far you might not be able to get it out?

These things worry me.


I explain to my kids much the same way you do. I say the stuff is to "catch my blood." A couple of weeks ago, my five-year-old son asked me if I was bleeding. I told him no, and he asked me to please let him know the next time I was. I asked him why, and he said he just thinks it's something he ought to know.



Valerie is on the right track.

For some folks intercourse during menstruation just isn't all the fun. However, that doesn't mean that the whole store is closed, just that section of the ketchup aisle.

As someone who isn't straight, I learned a LONG time ago that "sex" doesn't necessarily have to involve slot A or B and prong C. It can involve toys, touch, thought, brain, limbs, thighs, and pretty much everything you can think of, provided it doesn't violate any laws.

Go nut(s.) Go wild. Try that crazy thing you have always wondered about. Instead of this being a "cleanup on aisle 11" couple of nights, try something in the produce aisle, or maybe just go out for dinner. Greek food, or perhaps a bit of wasabi? Think of this as your *perfect* opportunity to explore.

MeiLin Miranda

Best thing about menopause is not even having to THINK about this question. Actually it's the only good thing about menopause...


Umm. . .I just stumbled into this post. Clearly, I took a wrong turn some where. I'm wondering does Baldman have a corresponding blog discussion on the subject? Please,say yes! :-)

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