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October 27, 2010


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I am really proud of you for establishing that up front, rather than making rules as you go along! :-)


I can't tell you how many of my mother's boyfriends I met. The ones I liked were gone quickly, the ones I hated stuck around (funny how that works). I don't suggest you take it THIS FAR, but just this year, I met someone my dad was dating for the first time. Hard, but I knew that meant it was special.

Lori Harrison

WELL SAID! You are a smart Mom...you're kids will apprecite you so much more later in life that you didn't drag them through a bunch of crappy relationships. Wait until YOU know he is the one the fits best for ALL of you. XOXO


Whatever your reasons I'm glad you're keeping the men and the kids separate. I didn't bring mine around my son until we had been dating five months and I was pretty certain it was going somewhere more serious.

On the other hand my ex has brought a few in and out of his life and it is just confusing to him to see them come and go and have no idea why this person he liked who was giving him hugs and telling him she loved him is suddenly gone with no explination.

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