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October 24, 2010


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Amanda, I can relate. And it's something I'll never, ever let happen again. I'm glad you got your family back.


My brother just came back to us too! It took him 10 years to realize he was isolated from us. I can totally relate.


You came up for air when you needed Mama's money honey!

Lori Harrison

I'm sorry we didn't see you when you were here....would have loved to give you a big hug....are you coming for Christmas?


Yeah, for all the times Amanda has bitched about her family, she sure is all over them when she needs money! Whatever!!

First it was how wonderful her husband was when she needed his money. Then, when that ran out, she dumped him. Now we get to hear her go on and on about her family because they are paying her bills!

Iced Borscht

Bravely stated, Anonymous! What other bits of transcendence can you regale us with! What keen wit! Har! Har! Penetrating insight!

Anonymous, have you ever lived in the Grown-Up World? Money complicates things. In fact, "things" are often complicated regardless of the money variable.

I await your substantive response, Anonymous.

Distinguished salutations,
Iced Borscht


You don't have to ask Anonymous if they've lived in the "grown-up world", Iced Borscht. I think that is a question for Amanda. Because she has no grip on reality and behaves like a child. So, living in the real world isn't a behavior Amanda subscribes to.

Ask anyone that knows her personally, and they will tell you that!


Do YOU actually know her personally though? It's incredible how many people read someone's blog and think they have every right to hurl insults their way because they disagree with their life choices.

If it upsets you that much then simply don't check Amanda's site.

Grown-ups make decisions to change their life no matter how scary the consequences. Grown-ups face up to the fact that they might have been kidding themselves about how they felts about a specific person or situation. That's what grown-ups do. These are the musings of a grown-up woman who has married, divorced and carried on with her life. She's not hurting anyone, she's simply living her life to the best of her ability...like the rest of us.

People who write snide posts on blogs are generally the childish ones.

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