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October 05, 2010


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I just have two words for ya, Ms. Westmont: Rock On!

Effing Rock! On!

: )


If I lived in Portland I'd breakfast at Voodoo Doughnut every day until my heart stopped. Which wouldn't be very long. But it would be a good, short, time.


There is a second Voodoo Doughnuts on NE15th and Davis (which is right off of Sandy). They have parking, seating and a few games and the line there is never ever as long as it is in downtown.

If you're ever in the mood for super tasty and cheap Chinese, the Panda Kitchen restaurant on Broadway (it's all the way up by the freeway, on the PSU campus) is also quite tasty. :)


MMMMMMM....the Bacon Maple Bar. I'm tempted to make a quick run to VooDoo right now...good thing it's a school night.


I've been loving the weather! Last Friday I took my son to the beach and he went wading on Oct 1! A friend of ours who was briefly engaged got the letter of his fiance's first name tattooed on his wedding finger instead of a traditonal engagement ring. Lets just say it cost a hell of a lot more and hurt more to get it lasered off.


The maple bacon bar is my secret lover. MY GOD it is so good.

Also, your new life kicks ass, congrats on being so effing happy!

Lipstick Jane

Great post. So glad to hear you are happy! Assignment: REPEAT.

Liana (Suburban Mom)

Yay for you!!! I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying your life so much! And you seem to have it all balanced out! Go Ms. Westmont! Now bust out that novel so we can all enjoy some porny fiction! :)


OK, I think I'm the only human being who [whispering this] doesn't like bacon very much.

But! But!

Everything *else* sounds amazing. Portland is a fantastic city. So glad you're enjoying all it has to offer.

And my fingers are crossed that the "published novel" piece falls into place sooner rather than later ...


happy really makes you look awesome! and i'm ready to read more :)


I really like these catch up posts. Happy looks good on you.


I'm so glad you're happy. It's a lovely thing to read about. :) That bacon doughnut made my mouth very jealous of whoever got to eat it!


We have a Voodoo Donuts in Eugene but it doesn't open until 2pm. :-( We've only been once ... that maple bacon donut is KILLER!


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