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June 15, 2010


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I often ride my bike while wearing a cape with the roman numeral III on it. I am the 3rd Man!

My powers are divided into 3rds: I am 1/3 more likely to get seated quickly at a restaurant while wearing my cape.

I ride 1/3 faster while wearing my cape, and have 1/3 more fun than the last time I rode.


I think the reason I read your blog is cuz your superpower is the same as mine. Well, that, and you're local, and I dig reading blogs of people I'll eventually meet up with. (yes, i'm stalking you. heh heh.) (no, not really, i'm far too boring to be a stalker..)

Adventures In Babywearing

I've always thought my optimism was my weakness! Well, sometimes. It certainly drives the negative peeps away. I think my superpower is x-ray eyes (discernment)... I can usually see right through a person.



I can see the silver lining of any situation. I take Richard Bach's exhortation "Perspective: Use it or lose it!" very seriously.

bethany actually

My superpower is that I know when a timer is about to go off, even if I have not been in the same room as it for an hour. My husband is amazed at how often I'll say, "Better go check on the cookies/cake/casserole," and walk into the kitchen JUST as the timer is beeping. Also I have a nearly-photographic memory. I guess that might be considered a superpower.

My husband's superpower is being able to find front-row parking in even the most crowded parking lots.


I can clean over 2,000 square feet in less than 2 hours. And I'm talkin' from cobwebs to baseboards. It impresses the hell out of my boyfriend who has what I assume is ADHD in that department.


It is very possible that my optimism is also my superpower.

Joseph Lira

My superpower is a combination of persistence and optimism, I call it Persistimism, I am really persistent, not the brightest or fastest, but persistent as hell, and that has proven really powerful in my life, and combined with optimism it helps me be be persistent towards positive future results, if I make a mistake or fail at something, I just say "one more step to success, learn the lesson and keep going", so I see even failure as a positive thing, a learning steping stone, that has been very helpful in my life.
Good Blog, very personal, thanks for sharing.

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