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June 14, 2010


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Is there an age limit on loving POISON? Cause at 35, i'm still willing to act like a teenage fool and attend another one of their concerts!

I saw them for the second time at a theme park, 8 months pregnant, in the heat, i was standing on a chair shouting, while my husband stood beside me making sure i didnt bust my butt falling down! IT WAS SO WORTH IT!


1. Duran Duran reunion tour in (I think?) 2005. They were kind of old but completely awesome and sang all my favorite songs.

2. Rick Springfield in 1983. Man, I loved him so much.

3. Shaun Cassidy in, like 1979, at the state fair. My first live show. He autographed a poster for me and I cannot believe it has disappeared into the ether.

I appear to be a teenybopper. So sue me.

4. Harry Connick Jr. in 1990. In a beautiful concert hall, just after he released the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack.

5. U2 in 2005. I'm not even a huge U2 fan and Bono makes me roll my eyes but they were fantastic onstage.

(Your dad is amazing. Now I'm inspired to make sure I take my kid to concerts when he's a tween.)

Kerri Anne

1. RAY LAMONTAGNE. (In Portland! At the Schnitz!) Best show of my life, probably because Ray (is AMAZING, yes! and) my favorite of all-time. His stage presence was incredible, and the entire show was just him and his guitar, and at one point he was playing so hard he was sweating and out of breath.
Quasi-review (and super artistic Paint drawing of Ray) here: http://kerrianne.org/2008/11/you-are-the-best-thing/

2. Ryan Adams (and The Cardinals) in Salem. One of the best shows ever because Ryan Adams is (crazy, and) crazy talented, and at one point he was chain-smoking a cigarette while playing the piano and singing and I was just blown away. He also walked right down the center aisle of the theater (mere FEET away from me) to start the show, which I thought was uniquely awesome.
Quasi-review here: http://kerrianne.org/2008/01/beautiful-sorta/

3. Tom Petty (and The Heartbreakers)- One of my very first concerts in the Gorge, and an all-around amazing show. I tell everyone they should see a show in the Gorge at least once before they die, and I really do mean it. It's worth the drive and the price, and the waiting in the hot sun, every time.

4. Tom Petty (and The Heartbreakers), Take Two - I saw him again in Spokane at an arena, and while I don't typically dig arena shows, it was UH-mazing, and Stevie Nicks made a guest appearance for four songs. The man is just talented, and he sounds SO GOOD live, and the fact that he was wearing a leather sequined vest the entire show? Was just a bonus for me.

5. Feist! I saw her before I was 100% in love with her music and it was one of the best concerts ever, because she sounds incredible live, and is incredibly dynamic on stage.
Quasi-review here: http://is.gd/cP3YU


OMG, I was AT that Steve Miller concert! I was out here visiting my dad at the time, and he was working the RockMed booth, so we got to see all these shows for free. See, Amanda? We were star-crossed friends, even then. ;)


Have you seen Muse live? That was the best concert of my life. I can't even think of 4 others I would rank up there with them.


I also saw Tom Petty, about 10 years ago, at SDSU. It was a very small venue, he played all of his hits, and sounded great. It's the best concert I've ever been to.

I've also seen Dave Matthews a few times. The man can play guitar, the man can sing, the man can dance, and the man is HOT. Mmmm.

And I'm embarrassed to add....first concerts are always memorable (right?) and mine was to see New Kids on the Block. Oh, Jordan, how I loved thee.


I've seen Neil Diamond at least twice and he's my fav concert so far.

Saw Pearl Jam with some friends years ago and didn't really know who they were at the time. Was stoked that I ended up knowing the words to every song and keep going "Oh, THEY sing this??"

Steve Miller Band, every summer like 5 years running. Back in the late teens when I hung out with the wrong crowd. But I was the goody two shoes of that crowd - I was always their DD!

Adam and I saw Journey, Styx, and REO Speedwagon in 2003. Loved every single song, but the people watching was the most fun.


Edie Brickell is married to Paul Simon and they have three kids. She has a new album due out (with a new band) in January 2011. :)

Best five concerts in terms of show quality:
1. BareNaked Ladies
2. Taylor Swift
3. Phish
4. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
5. Kenny Chesney

Why yes, my music tastes ARE eclectic!

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