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June 12, 2010


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Kerri Anne

From now on, whenever I can't afford something, I'm just going to say "Sorry. The expense is too expensive."


Amanda P. Westmont

I know, right? I sat there wondering where a six-year-old would come up with the word expensive. And then I realized: DOH. BECAUSE I'M HIS MOTHER.


Love this!! What a kid!


That was amazing. And he's right, the expense of robots is expensive. Hee. What a cutie pie.

French Women

That is great!


Where do you think he got the idea that Germans would have a robot that Americans would want to destroy? The last time Americans fought Germans was a looonnggg time ago..? I think it is fascinating where kids get ideas...and what they remember.


Yeah, now you can tell I never ever want to reveal my nationality on this blog again. Imagine Alex meeting my kids? What will he do with them?????? Or maybe that was prompted by renewed rivalry through soccer world championship????

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