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June 30, 2010


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I have to admit that I am still reeling from the shock of the news you announced the other day. It came on my 13th wedding anniversary, which was also the day that my sister moved out into her own place with her kids while her divorce is in process. Life is too short to be unhappy, Amanda. You guys are going through some exceptionally rough times. I am very glad to hear that your family is there for you now. I wish you the very best in your search for happiness.

frantically heidi

Best of luck. And... how awesome is it that running has become your coping strategy. Have you signed up for any races?


I think I need to know your sports bra secret. This pair of DD's do not mix well with running, and I would double up on the bras when I worked out. Past tense. Please share!


I have started running. It is a good coping strategy. Forrest did it.

Go to Map my Run dot com for some cool maps.

Kerri Anne

Here's to new adventures! And sparklers.


Was the last comment deleted? I read a post earlier today from someone who said they felt betrayed that Amanda's posts about her marriage turned out to be basically, well, not entirely the truth. They said they had been reading the blog for years and were dismayed to realize many of these posts were probably reflective of what Amanda "wished" were true about her marriage as opposed to the reality.

Now that post is gone. I didn't see anything really wrong with it - the poster was just speaking their mind. Why allow commenting if you are going to censor honest posts? I think if you (Amanda) are going to continue this blog, you should steel yourself & face the comments & critique from your audience, otherwise, why have the blog at all? Unless it's just a way to collect sympathy....

So much for blogging with the safety off....

Amanda P. Westmont


Look again. I haven't deleted a single comment on this post. Not. Even. One.

Know that I've also read every single comment - every single word - and that I am more heartened than I am dismayed by them. I may have the world's best blog readers.



Liz: That comment is on the post from a few days back. It's still there.


Ouch Liz, look before you post I always say.

Hey if Amanda has not deleted my posts.... others should be safe - grins.


WTG on the running - it is addictive!

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