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April 27, 2010


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I think for this to be an official episode of hoarders, you would have to have, at minimum, 2 cats (dead or alive) in that before picture.


It's funny where things come to you. You can find inspiration out of the blue in the most random places. Your office looks amazing, it's such a beautiful room. After things have piled up for so long it's intimidating. I need to remind myself to just get started.


Where did you put all that stuff that was IN your office?

Jenny H.

I am in love with you.


Grace - I totally put EVERYTHING away where it goes! I also ended up completely cleaning the garage and filling the back of my truck with stuff for Goodwill while I was at it. And our trash can and recycle bin are both totally overflowing right now.

Most of the crap in there was either sports equipment or Christmas stuff that just needed to get back onto our garage shelves. I've never let it get that bad before!


Inspired! Thank you!


But WHERE did it go? I just shuffle my shit around instead of cleaning because there's no more room for anything!


Yesterday I thought my headphones were plugged in while I was on the bus. Instead, not only did I enjoy the title track of Xanadu on repeat for 20 minutes, so did EVERYONE on the bus! Big day for everyone! So yeah, your headphones story made me smile. :)


Nice work! Very impressive, and the room looks great!

bethany actually

Wow, you CLEANED THAT ROOM. I am highly impressed. :-)

The Original Drama Mama

I love this post...for the reality of how to make writing happen wherever and whenever you can...and for the vicarious enjoyment, freedom, and mental clean slate that organized room provides! Great Job!

I do a Monday Muse series on my website, all about "Mama Artists" - mothers who manage to find time to devote to family and craft and who blog about it and provide inspiration to others. Just wanted to let you know, you are my Monday Muse this week! (the first since it went on hiatus - I'm starting fresh with you!)

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