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October 29, 2009


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Oral. Oral? Do you mean what I think you mean? If so (and I really want to know)... which part of it do you not like. Giving? Receiving? Both?

Basically, I'm not a big fan, and always thought I was in the minority.

Do tell!


Oral? Really? I guess I can understand if you're not all that into BJs, but receiving?

Cosigned on:

cindy w

I agree with about 8 things on your list. Not saying which 8.

You left off Gwyneth Paltrow. I cannot explain why, something about her just bugs the ever-loving crap out of me. Oh, and Speidi. Retch.


Yeah!! You go girl! Tell it like it is!


I love that you put oral. I agree with you on everything except Glee. I heart Glee. I also heart black olives, but I hate all the rest of them. Good list.

bethany actually

I disagree with you on about half of those list items, but that's okay. I still like you. :-)

I would add Dora the Explorer (she just bugs me), pantyhose, wrestling, and reality TV.

Amanda P. Westmont

Oh, I DO mean what you think I mean. I have no problem giving it, mind you. In fact I rather enjoy that if for no other reason than that I get to hear what an awesome wife I am for at least the next 24 hours.

But I don't like to receive it. When I confessed this to my sister (who prefers the ladies herself), she was all, "WHA!?!?" I totally broke her brain. Apparently I'm the only woman on earth who doesn't like it (and it isn't for self-conscious reasons.) I think it's just that Dave has a really REALLY soft tongue and I find it utterly ticklish and not the least bit erotic. Not that it stops him from torturing me with it.



Also, dude, I hate Sean Penn.

Deneen Sedlack



Glee. What is it about Glee that everyone loves so much. Cant.stand.it.


I bet a man invented bras. A sadistic one.

Add to my list:

Maple anything (except syrup)

That one dude on CSI:Miami that can only express emotions by putting on or taking off his sunglasses.


How funny Amanda - oral! I am with ya there! :) Also, men's feet - not sure there is anything uglier!


Back to profess my hate of Celine Dion. Can't look at her, can't listen to her talk or sing, can't think about her without wanting to hit something.


Moms who think that THEIR child is PERFECT and always put the blame on everyone else. GAH!

Oh, and birds. Cannot stand birds.

Kerri Anne

Seriously? Did you see me link to this exact same Carrisa (and my own list) on the 27th? WE ARE IN EACH OTHER'S HEADS.


You forgot to add to your list scented candles and/or deordorizing sprays...I always think of you when I light one. ;)

And I don't really like oral, either...I can't turn off my mind long enough to enjoy it.

But Glee? Oh, how I do loves me some Glee. Brings back fond memories of HS theater...lovelovelove that show. It's just painfully good, IMO.

Laura aka LaLaGirl

You know what I don't like? Garbage disguised as Halloween decor. It's not a pumpkin decoration, it's a TRASH BAG OF LEAVES. Just because it's orange and has a jack-o-lantern face on it doesn't mean you should treat it as lawn decor and throw a bunch of them out in your front yard. Sheesh.


Dito on the Burger King chicken sandwhiches. I have always maintained that they taste like dog food.

susan eiffert

Oh Celine! All those overblown love anthems and overwrought stage craft and sanctimonious and sappy professions of adoration for her child and husband - she hasn't a true note in her body! (But don't get me started).
Also loathe: Madonna (Her talent is overrated, sorry)
Dr Phil (a charleton; should not even be practicing - he is not licensed but if he was, he'd be thrown out by the licensing body for unethical practice)
Most contractors
Reality shows (please don't watch! it'll reduce your IQ!)
Ice cream that isn't really. It's full of air and fake 'creaminess'.
Flavored coffees

Ooh! Thank you for listening! I feel much better now!

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