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October 30, 2009


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The mannequin is hilarious!! Who has an idea like that??

I like Pumpkin Two because of its stem. That stem is the coolest.

The kids' pumpkins are cute too...the one on the left looks really surprised and the one on the right looks a little cross-eyed. Adorable! :)


Actually, the pumpkins go together--Pumpkin 1 looks like it won't stop talking (reminds me of a neighbor), and pumpkin 2 looks annoyed and thinking about what to do to pumpkin 1 to shut him/her(?) up! Hmmm...I would have to go with pumpkin 2--it expresses how I've been feeling lately!


My vote is for TWO!


Two for sure. I like the attitude, and the sassy stem.


Number 2 - I like the "eyebrows"


Pumpkin 2. He has eyebrows, and that makes me laugh.


I vote for pumpkin 1. Also trying out your cashew chicken recipe. Freaked yesterday at the store because I couldn't figure out what Mirin was but lucky a scent Asian lady pointed me in the right direction.


i also like pumpkin number two. i like its mouth and its stem. :)

Denise W

Number 1!!

Dawnapalooza '09

Gotta go with pumpkin #1...glad to see someone else has a fantastic sense of humor for Halloween, too. I pooled fake blood in the kitchen, then made drag marks from it down the stairs into the garage. When my husband got home, he followed the trail just up to the point where I jumped out of the closet at him! Gotcha!!

kj @ Where my boys at?

my vote is for #2


Gotta go with #2!!


Pumpkin 2. Of course I used Whole Foods grocery bags as jack o'lanterns, so my judgment is not to be trusted.


Pumpkin 2!

Amanda V.

Pumpkin one is my favorite, and my guess is that it was carved by Amanda.

Also, is it just me that thinks the kids pumpkins actually LOOK like your kids?

Alex on the left and Genoa on the right! For reals...take another look.

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