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June 04, 2009


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While there a lot of other things in this post all I can think about is how the hell are homes with 2 working parents supposed to juggle that stupid schedule? Every other Wednesday? WTF???


That schedule sounds nutty. Surely it is all day and not half day? Hope so, for the reason the previous commenter noted.

Don't worry about being underwhelmed right now. I bet once your family is into the school year next year things will seem sunnier. Don't forget you have to deal with this school for the next seven years (actually the next nine or 10 with Genoa I suppose!) so don't get yourself labeled as "that mom" this early! :-)


This makes me thankful we have all day kindergarten here. :)

Things will be fine. Most kindergarten orientations are not very impressive.


that is a seriously crazy schedule. Thank goodness our kindergarten goes every day -- I'd never remember that schedule!


I took my daughter to kindergarten orientation yesterday, too, and we parents stayed in the "cafetorium" while the kids went to class. I was disappointed that we got separated, too.

I'm so grateful for full day kindergarten. that schedule would drive me crazy. Every other wed? I'd NEVER remember which was the right day.


Bummer that you got separated!

Here's my school-survival advice (from a former teacher): While you're looking out for the best interests of your child (which you should absolutely do!), remember that the teachers and administration a) are dealing with probably hundreds of kids and their parents, which is even harder than it sounds and b) could (with few exceptions) get much higher-paying and easier jobs than teaching, and are there because they like it and care about your kid.

That being said, if you make their lives difficult when you don't have to, they won't bend over backwards for you! I would always make time for a parent who was respectful, helpful, funny and genuinely invested in their kids over a parent who was loud and out to complain!


From a former kindergarten teacher (and current middle school/high school English teacher), I agree wholeheartedly with Joceline...don't be "that" mom. I enjoy parents who are engaged and interested in what is going on in the classroom. No teacher, however, enjoys parents who come across as argumentative, demanding and bent on special privileges.

One reason for separating parents and kids at an orientation is that most kids behave very differently if their parents are no where in sight.

My advice as a parent AND a teacher (or assvice, depending, I guess...) is to stay positive, both with Alex and with the teacher and be prepared to listen without prejudgements or defensiveness to the teachers and aides. See if you can help in the classroom in some way...most kindergarten teachers would love to have someone to cut out shapes and get curriculum together before lessons.

And...the golden rule goes a LONG way. Treat the teachers the way you'd like them to treat you, with respect and attention and you'll quickly be the favorite mom!

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