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May 15, 2009


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When I was writing my senior thesis, my housemates gave me crap because I wrote it with bottle of wine on my desk (and a glass, of course). After all the crap they gave me: guess who won the award for her senior thesis? I think you've got a great thing going. :)

If you need any readers/cutters for your novel, I'd be happy to help.

Alias Mother

Yeah, write like crazy now and worry about cutting later. There's always room to cut in a first draft (at least there is in my work). Or maybe you'll just have a longer book. I think we fuss too much about length. Tell the story as it needs to be told.

I'm so inspired by your writing progress. I just need to find ten minutes to string together in a day and I'll be all set to join you.


are you going to put a typo in the texting? just one or two? because everyone does it. i've mistakenly typed "whire" quite a few times. and "herk".

there's my two cents.

how's the writing while tipsy? i can't do it. i can drunk blog (which surprisingly gets the MOST comments about how beautiful they are, even though i feel like taking them down the next day), maybe i'll try serious writing a little tipsy.

oh... have we met? we might have. my blog is empty right now. please to excuse.


I think when you're writing text messages you can use artistic license, because everyone text messages differently. For example, I am anal about proper grammar, even though I only get 160 characters. But sum of mai frnds tlk lik dis!!11!111!!11

You get the idea. =)

bethany actually

Was the romance novel you read Bet Me by Jenny Crusie? I'm wondering because I remember thinking the lavender thing was weird too, and then right after I read that book I read an article about some study on what scents turned men on, and the researchers were surprised to find that the two highest rated smells by men were lavender and pumpkin pie. So I figured Crusie had read the same study.

Kelly from Almost Frugal

Hate the smell of lavender and cilantro too. And lavender is everywhere in france- there's no way to escape it!!

I just finished finals week, and the only way I survived it (and will survive the writing of the thesis to follow) is with my trusty wine in a box box... the french even do that well!


I appreciate the pig sty comment. Yesterday our landlord dropped off laundry tokens like four feet into our apt when we weren't home rather than just sliding it under the door. But rather than being all WTF it's got to be illegal for her to enter our place, instead I'm just embarassed b/c this place is a PIGSTY and she would have seen our huge ass laundry pile. Le Sigh.

Amanda - The Mom Job

First, I have NO CLUE what moron decided lavender smelt nice to begin with. In my opinion, I'd rather walk through a million of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bradford_pear
than smell of lavender. UCK! (Seriously, if you haven't had the displeasure of being near the (excuse the term...) "cum tree"... well, you are missing out...or not...)

And secondly, I edited a bit back in college and we had a segment where we used texts from students (a piece on distractions in class). We simply used block quote format and a very "block-ish" font type.

Hope that helps... some...

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