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May 11, 2009


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Ethan and I went to the zoo...which was insane. But, every so often Ethan would stop to tell me "Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you." When he did this, he also kissed my hand. Then I melted into a puddle of goo.
It was a good day.


You are adorable and so is Alex, and I really hope when my son starts preschool that some mom offers me a shot of vodka, I'll make friends with her.


Happy mothers day! I tried calling, but apparently you were blissed out in Dave's office :)

More pictures of the garden, please! And if I dont find an apartment with some outdoor space, I'm totally gonna plant some of my own stuff in there, btw. hehe.

cindy w

Ok, if a mom sitting near me made a joke about vodka, she would be my new BFF. Just sayin'.

Sad for the little boy whose mom didn't show up, but so glad she finally got there. Poor kid.


What a fun day! My heart is broken for the poor little boy in Alex's class.
Sweet little monkey. :-(


I just stopped by your site via random blog hopping. That is pretty sad about the cracked out mom at the mother's day tea.

taylor k.

happy mother's day!

what happened to dave's news reel?

She Likes Purple

My heart breaks for that little boy, too, and, for the record, any mom who wouldn't find that joke funny probably wouldn't find any joke funny.


hmmm - unsupervised in a law office. Smells like breach of confidentiality and disbarment to me.

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