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March 25, 2009


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How 'bout "Exercise = Blasphemy"? ~grin~


My brother and I have been dipping chips in ketchup for as long as I can remember. Upon telling others of this glorious discovery I often get very weird looks.
Now, I know what we will be doing at our next play date!! LOL!!!


I'm loving the fact that you don't "diet". Either do I. I to managed to gain 8 pounds in the past couple of months.Bad combo & making heavy meals & less activity. But,my jeans still fit fine, cause for the first time, ever, I gained weight in my arms & above the waist. WTF? I'll eat more of the good. My trick is more veggies & more fiber, but I never give up sweets.In the past , it worked well. Exercise , never!! Good Luck!


I refuse to cut booze. So much, in fact, when a coworker just offered me half a maple bar, I told him, "No, if I have that, I can't have a cocktail this evening."

And, there you have it.

kendall's mom

New tag line: "Yes we can!!" Ha ha...ho ho... I crack myself UP! And what's the deal? You've gained eight pounds but you're bribing us with COOKIES OR FUDGE??? eeeevil. Since I know my brilliant tag line IS going to win, I'd like to request some healthy and yummy roast cauliflower instead.


How about God bless the NRA......


ok so this is a bypass question, being so many years out from your surgery do you still only drink 1/2 before and after meals? i understand this rule from the surgery but damn it is soo freakin hard for me to follow and then i feel completely ill. anyways just curious


I would just like to say: bellydancing is fun, requires almost NO coordination (unlike other dance forms), gives you an excuse to buy all kinds of bling and sexy clothing, lets you meet lots of fun people, makes any body type look hot (the dance was MADE for women with enough body to shimmy with), and husbands secretly love it, even though they may pretend in public that they think it's lame.

And it doesn't count as exercise because it's too goddamn FUN. That's your sermon for today.


Is it possible to get fat ass surgery twice?


Is it possible to get fat ass surgery twice?


Is it possible to get fat ass surgery twice?


Is it possible to get fat ass surgery twice?


Is it possible to get fat ass surgery twice?

Caryn Caldwell

Ouch! Winter is the worst for weight gain, isn't it? I end up having the same problem, no matter how careful I am. Good luck with taking it off!


This is comforting, because I have just gained 5 lbs. for similar obvious reasons (way too much snacking, skipping too many runs). I haven't dieted in years, and hate the thought of getting all crazy about trying to lose this weight (I'm only 5'3" so 5 lbs. really does matter), so it's nice to be reminded about small, daily behavior changes. I'll be doing it with you!


I bet those Girl Scout cookies didn't help, did they? LOL I home you enjoyed them, though!

I was just thinking a couple days ago about how now that I'm working, I, too, have my petutie in a chair most of the day. So far, so good, but I'm trying to eliminate that afternoon Coke. Some days are harder than others.

Exercise? Who has the energy? My only form of it is to crawl from the computer to my bed.

Let's do something soon!

Jen Zug

OMG WE ARE SUCH SOUL MATES - I get the STRANGEST looks when I eat potato chips with ketchup! I'm all, IT'S THE SAME POTATO AS A FRY, PEOPLE!

Also? so hard about the booze. I know I'd lose weight better if I cut out the booze. But really, how to cope without it?!


Think your book is altering your waistline now? Just wait until you're obsessively checking your email inbox to hear from agents, editors, publisher, publicists, etc. The only thing that helps is tons of chocolate and a crapload of wine.

And YES to potato chips with ketchup.

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