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December 26, 2008


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Oh my gosh. Unbelievable!


That is totally lame, Amanda. :(

A couple of years ago my grandmother sent us a check for Christmas and got the N. wrong. Whoever got it cashed it. Such a bummer.

People suck sometimes.


We have the same mail ineptitude up here in Seattle. I am always getting the wrong mail and each and every time I simply put it right back in the mail slot for the mailperson to redeliver. I've recieved at least half a dozen Christmas cards for other people and I could never imagine opening them. I can't believe someone stole your giftcards, that is horrendous. People really do suck. So sorry this happened to you.

Morgan S.

That is really awful! How shady.


Don't lose all faith in humanity. Your mother once mailed me $20 cash, but to St instead of Ave. The people who lived at the St mailed it to me unopened. We occasionally receive their business mail also.


That is terrible! I agree the mail here is awful! We are constantly getting other people's mail in our box, which leads me to wonder how much of our mail is going to other people. I've complained to the post master many times and nothing ever changes. You may want to file a report with the post office too - that's mail fraud right? Shouldn't they have some responsibility here? It may also be a bad mail carrier that could have taken them too... Just a thought...

Kathy C.

So sorry, Amanda. Yes, I always insure gift cards if I have to mail them. Only inconvenience is that you have to put them in a small box to mail them since you can't insure letters. Just a total hassle, but it will guarantee they either arrive at their correct destination or you'll be reimbursed.

Scout's Honor

Oh, shoot. I mailed gift cards this year too. I've never thought about how important that SE is after our address here in the Seattle area.

I have however found out how important it is to get your mail forwarded after you move. Three and a half years later, I am still getting mail at our house from the previous owners. We are talking envelopes that look like they have airline tickets in them, credit card applications, Christmas cards, and sometimes tax docs. These people are pretty lame not to continue to get their mail forwarded and lucky I am the honest type that will return to sender, but someone dishonest could totally steal their identity.

Which reminds me that I should make sure I have my mail forwarded again from our California house we moved away from 3 years ago. The people who bought our house turned out to be less than savory so I wouldn't want to give them any temptation with credit card applications.


That SUCKS. I'm so sorry.

It's funny that you make the point about St. vs. Ave. - my in-laws (from Pacific Northwest) never use a designator and it makes me nuts. It can definitely make a huge difference as to whether or not the mail gets there!


I'm so sorry that you had to go through this! I had a similar experience - a vendor mailed an embroidered shirt to my house without checking with me first and had my address wrong. The shirt never arrived and I missed attending the work event because I didn't have the proper outfit. After tracking the package through the delivery service, I discovered it was delivered to a house across the cul-de-sac. I eventually caught up with the residents and when I finally got the package back, it had been opened. Who does that??? It obviously wasn't addressed to them.


There's gotta be a special place in hell for people who spend Christmas gift cards.

liz mccarthy

wow, that really sucks! Just stumbled upon your blog via blogher and love your pictures of the snow! Beautiful!

Merry White Christmas!



Gee,dear - just hoping our card arrived since there was nothing to steal THERE...:-))


You want to talk feeling violated? How about the construction worker who emptied my 3-year-old's PIGGY BANK (yes, actually shaped like a pig) while working on our remodel. THAT, my friends, is LOW. And so is stealing from a CHristmas card. Yep - special place in Hell for those people - no doubt about it.


That is terrible. It does take some kind of awful person to steal a child's Christmas gift.

We had something similar happen to us at the beginning of the year. My grandma mailed cash to one of my children and when we got the card it was not in there.

I didn't want to bring it up in case maybe she did not mail them a gift but another one of our children had a birthday a week later and got their money.

The thing that was interesting was that it was delivered to our address, just without the money.

So I agree with you 100%, only mail checks.

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