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November 05, 2008


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Classy post. Thank you. I have 2 kids in college and both called home around midnight on election night...thrilled and cheering and crying. And from all the shouting in the background, they were not alone. I feel so encouraged to see how excited the young people are. The response in the inner city community has been amazing to see--even today I talked with so many that just can't believe it. The burdens that face our country are so serious now that I just pray that we can all look forward with shared goals.


Amanda, this post is lovely, gracious, kind, respectful, and positive. Thank you from a hardcore Obama supporter. I agree: we all need to respect one another and work together.

DC foodie type

Thanks for posting this.


Thank you for this.


Thanks Amanda - great post. I like you!


You make me so proud to know you, Amanda. (On that note, it's been far too long since I smelled your hair and fawned all over you. Soon?)

You are classy, lady. Well done.

Aaaaannd now? I'm crying again.

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