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November 05, 2008


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And on that note, I think John McCain was so very gracious in his speech last night. I have a lot of respect for him after hearing what he had to say, but I am still so very happy that Obama won.


Great post - I wish more people like you - people who felt strongly about McCain - would be willing to move on and recognize that bitterness and anger at this point doesn't help anyone.

And hopefully, the next time a Republican wins, the Democrats will do the same.


I thought McCain was at his most likable in the last week of this campaign: his SNL appearance will brilliant, and his concession speech was just about the best speech I have ever heard. And I'm talking of ALL the speeches I have ever heard.

I am feeling for you since I know how you supported him and respect the reasons why you do. I knew I picked a good day to pop something in the mail to you. Expect it on Friday. :-) Oh, and buy steaks!


I wish there were more people in this country like you Amanda... It's good to see the respectful attitude and the acceptance of loss. When George Bush won in 2004 I certainly wasn't thrilled, but I was respectful to those I knew who voted for him. I wish that they (those same individuals) would give me the same respect this time around.

I have already had to report a fellow coworker to our corporate headquarters for harassment. It's sad that some people can't just give it Obama a chance... and that some people are a racist and biggoted as they seem to be.

Thank you again for your positive attitude. It certainly has been a breath of fresh air during my hectic day.


Such a nice post, Amanda.


McCain was really classy in his concession, and you are just as classy here. An emotional win indeed.

cindy w

You're so sweet. I'd like to think that I'd be as good a sport about it if McCain had won, but... I probably wouldn't have been. You're a far bigger person than I. (Emotionally, I mean. I'm pretty sure your ass is smaller than mine.)


My fervent wish as we move into this next phase of our country is that everyone -- including President-Elect Obama -- is as willing to look beyond themselves as beautifully as you. You are what will make this country better, just as much as a great leader could. I believe that.

Thank you.


Thank you for saying that.


You have a good heart. Beautiful post.


You're amazing...


I voted Obama and I hear what your saying. I appreciate that you're being gracious, but I hope that you won't stop sharing your divergent views. If there's anything I've learned in the months leading up to this election is how to celebrate my ideas without forgetting to listen to those who don't share them.


I am so happy that it didn't end up being a no win situation for you. Even if your guy didn't win. I feel like that is just what we need in our country right now and I really respect you for it.


This has been such a difficult election season. Having spent it being torn between competing priorities, I'm glad for it to be over.

Both speeches were heartening, as has been the graciousness in the media and in the blogosphere. An emotional win - you said it perfectly.


Lovely post, Amanda. Like Obama AND McCain BOTH said last night - we are ALL Americans and must come together now for the good of our great country.


Well said. I couldn't agree more.


Thank you. You are as gracious as McCain was in his speech. I respect you both immensely and I too love the emotional win feeling it has left many of us with.


I felt the same way. I was hoping that McCain would win, but I also felt good watching his speech. The joy on peoples faces was beautiful.


"an emotional win for our country". I was mostly undecided for this election, we are really not staunch anything. But, after the commercial, I was so moved by Obama and his sincerity. Anyway, I did vote for him (my first time voting) and I can't tell you how proud I am to have been part of history. I just can't stop thinking about how proud I am to live in a country where someone who grew up like Obama with maybe not the most ideal of circumstances can grow up to be our President. It makes me feel like anything is possible. And, I love that feeling. Thanks for the post.


I thought both sides gave amazing speeches. It truly was a great night for our country and citizens.

Mr. Mccain has always had my respect, even though he didn't get my vote. Tuesday night tripled that respect.


amazing post. I am so glad that you feel this way. I hope more people start to feel the same way.

thank you.


You're so gracious, Amanda, and I really do appreciate it. If anything, I realize all over again how magnificent our country is...that so many of us can believe differently and disagree peacefully, without fear for our lives. And you're right, this win is an emotional win for our country. I was so happy that Sen. McCain gave such a gracious speech...and much earlier than I expected, honestly. I think we're all grateful, too, that it ended cleanly and we're not hanging in limbo for weeks...what a nightmare that was!


Thank you for such a respectful response. Our country needs more people like you!


Love this post! You described your personal views well and in a positive light. I think the election outcome was a strong statement for our country. It was an outright win with no questioning of the outcome. I hadn't thought about what would happen the next day had McCain won. I was hopeful for the outcome that occurred. Thanks for sharing your insight!


I'm glad you're not overcome with sadness or anger. I really appreciate your honesty and friendship, and your willingness to move forward!!! I have always tried to respect the office, if not the person in it, and while that has been increasingly hard over the past few years, I still think it's important.

That having been said, Woot!

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