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November 03, 2008


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I agree that we all have to be open-minded, and I came into my (largely Republican) workplace today prepared to be completely gracious in my party’s victory. And I was greeted with comments about Obama being sworn in with the Koran and wearing a turban and appointing terrorists to his cabinet. These attitudes do not make it easy to be open-minded toward conservatives.


I'll have to agree with Callie there... I read the last sentence over again today and I sure hope that there really are Republicans out there following that who respectful thing... cause I'm sure not finding any.

My fellow workers refered to me as a "muslim-loving terrorist supporter" (in no certain terms) on more than one occasion today. And told me they hoped I was happy for what I'd done to our country.

I never thought it'd be this bad...


Just thought I would summarize some of the comments from above by people who identified themselves as liberals.

"....lot of Republican voters (not all, of course), they vote as an uninformed Republican."

"I think lots of Obama supporters just don't get how an educated voter could go McCain...."

"I think the problem here is that the Republican party *does* tend to attract the evangelical nutjobs - you know, the people who think that abortion and gay marriage are the two biggest issues facing America today."

"As a republican...you have the misfortune of being lumped in with a bunch of... well, sort of undesirable folks that you probably don't like to be compared to."

Why do liberals think that people who disagree with their point of view are stupid? Most liberals that I know have this same attitude. Interesting.

cindy w

Birddog10: you *completely* misunderstood my point. I was saying that there are uneducated voters on BOTH sides. So yes, liberals do often negatively generalize Republicans into one group, but the same thing is often done to us by conservatives. The intolerance goes both ways.

My point was the stereotypes are bad, mmmkay? I personally love it when I come across a conservative like Amanda who can give reasonable, intelligent, thought-out explanations of her views and why she feels the way she does on any given issue. Sure, my ideology is on the opposite side of the spectrum, but I absolutely 100% respect where she's coming from. And I really like learning about people and why they view issues (and their solutions) a certain way, even when I don't agree with them.

At the same time, I wrote a pro-Obama post over on my site recently, and ended up with a (self-identified Republican) commenter saying that my mother should've had a partial-birth abortion with me, and calling me a deadbeat for being a stay-at-home mom. So can you maybe see where some of my negative perceptions about conservatives might come from? Also, see Rachel & Callie's comments above. The ignorance, bigotry and hatred IS out there. Of course not ALL conservatives are like that, that's ridiculous. But those stereotypes aren't totally unfounded, either.

midlife mommy

"If we really want to improve this country, we ALL have to be open-minded and respectful and when we reach across the aisle, it shouldn't just be to slap someone on the other side. My biggest hope for Tuesday is that we can all remember that, no matter who wins." Disappointed yet? I know I am.

joann in NJ

You read my mind exactly!


Hey, at least you aren't in California. Here we had to freak out over the lose-lose candidates in addition to Prop 8. Talk about hard feelings.

I understand that gay marriage rights burn the butts of the gays and burn the butts of the religious pretty hard- but both spew all kinds of ugly over it, and you are left wondering if anyone involved deserves even a smidgen of respect. It is more hate than I can stomach.

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