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October 16, 2008


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I say go for it.

I'm having issue after issue with my piece of crap PC laptop, and am hoping that it HOLDS. ON. JUST. A. LITTLE. BIT. LONGER....so that I can save up a bit more before "getting" to buy a Mac.


If it were me... I'd go for the pretty boots and house cleaner. But that's just me ; )

Your children are gorgeous!


Absolutely, go Mac!


Buy the Mac!


Buy the Mac! We're on our fourth Mac now, and we'll never go back! My husband's hang up was that he likes Quicken and Quickbooks for Windows, but we got Parallels and can run Windows and OSX simultaneously. He is a happy, happy man.


My husband and i have kind of decided that when we get a new comp (sadly not soon) that it will be a Mac. My husband is a software engineer and all around techy, nerdy fellow. We have always been PC minded, but I'm tired of the crap that comes preinstalled on the computer, I hear terrible things about Vista and I think it would be fun and hip.
Go for it!


Yes. Buy the Mac. I did it about 4 years ago and it. changed. my. life. So intuitive to use, you will wonder what you ever did before. I *heart* my Mac (and am not-so-secretly pining for a Macbook in order to be portable and thus able to sit about coffee shops and write in a most glamorous way)

Don't hesitate, go buy it.


I bought an iBook (refurbished) in Feb of 2006 and its' still going strong. I love it with all my (total cheapskate) heart. It is WORTH THE MONEY.

It's just such a pleasure to use. Even now, almost three years later, I still just glow with happiness when I open it up.


You know what I have to say about this subject. But seriously, now is a great time to buy since they just released new models. The new macbook with metal case like the macbook pro looks really nice and their new manufacturing process should reduce the quality issues that some of their previous models have had. The URL I linked to shows their new manufacturing process, really cool. All your brothers and your sister use Macs now, you should too.

-The Brother.


Buy the Mac. We bought one about 3 years ago and will never go back. I have the iTouch as well and I just love it. My hubby had an aux. line hard-wired into my car so I can just plug it in and listen to my tunes. I love it. I'm also loving Spend (that you recommended). It's really working for me. Yes, buy the Mac!


I'm not one to brag but damn we have beautiful children. Are you sure they're mine? Didn't we have a milkman once? Nevermind.

You definitely need to get some video of Genoa shaking her booty. Merely describing it would not do it justice.



(I am biased, as I've NEVER owned a PC) But, DO IT!


First I love your photos, and when you recommended your Nikon camera I went out and bought one since I was looking for a digital SLR. (I LOVE it!)

I am a PC girl. I got frustrated with them though, and decided to get a brand new shiny MacBook Pro last year. I was so excited, but it actually did not meet my expectations. It was pretty and had cool features but it didn't do a lot of the things I wanted it to. Plus it was a lot slower than it should have been. Plus it had issues that I had to send it back to Apple (during a period when I NEEDED it). I ended up selling it and getting a Dell XPS with tons of great hardware and was a lot less expensive. I am really happy with my decision. I am glad I tried a Mac (and I had it for about 3 months because I WANTED TO BE A MAC PERSON) but I am much happier now with my wonderful PC.

Hope it helps!


Macshmac - buy what makes you happy - more importantly are those FIREMAN boots Alex is wearing? Cause I totally want some.


delurking to say GO MAC. The ipod was my gateway drug and it lead to an all Mac household. We have not regretted it for a second. I also take tons and tons of digital pics of my kids and I love iphoto for organizing them, its just so easy. Plus they have a very fun little app, photobooth, that allows you to take pics from your laptop. sounds basic but it is SO much fun. Do it!


I read pretty pretty boots and knew what I'd go with... :)

Tami C

We've had an IMac (desktop) for about 2 years. It. is. AWESOME! Oldest son just bought a Mac book for college and a fancy smancy Ipod. We are a Apple family!


Auto update is a setting that can be turned off with a click. Why get a whole new computer for that?


DO IT! You will love how easy to use it is, how intuitive it is and I how seamlessly it integrates with all your other Apple gear (phone, iPod?).

We have always been a Mac family. We don't have cable, we watch everything on our TV via AppleTV...a different kind of Apple crack...



Buy the Mac!!! :) They're so much better, really.


Three years ago, my husband bought me a Macbook. I had it for a year and a half and the hard drive died, replaced the hard drive and then nine months later the motherboard quit it was too expensive to fix at that point so my husband went out last summer and got me a really great HP laptop a little over a year later the motherboard quit. Clearly I was not meant to have a laptop, so I now have a pretty generic windows desktop. I still miss my Mac though, so I would totally buy the extended warranty just in case.


I have no opinion on the computer, but I cannot get over how Alex is standing like he's the coolest thing to ever touch the Earth.

Photographer Lori

MAC!!! I love mine. I'm jealous you have an iPhone! :)

kendall's mom

Will Genoa teach me how to do the robot? Nice shoes, G.


Ok - I am a very good person to answer your question. Considering that I, like you, cannot imagine a life worth living without IPhone. I was in the same boat as you a month ago. Our computer was giving us all kinds of crap, and I said that is it - time to go Mac. So, I went out and bought a Macbook. At first, it was a tough transition. Iphone helps, but it was still hard going from PC to Mac. But, suddenly you get it and now I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Macbook. Am in visiting in CA and typing on my Mac as we speak and it is just awesome! It even has a built in webcam - which is so cool if you use Skype. I just can't tell you enough that you will LOVE this little Macbook! :) Hope this helps. B

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