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October 15, 2008


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Thanks so much for posting the mushroom orzo recipe. My 4 yr old, loves mushrooms. I'll be running out to get the orzo , after nap. So we can have it tonight-thanks!


That looks so delicious, I have to try it!


Hey, don't worry if you don't get a photo of every single step! I love the PW recipes, but sometimes I think she takes way too many pictures. (Here's a picture of my fork going into the dish. Here it is two inches above the dish. Here it is four inches above the dish...etc.) :-) You got all the important shots of things browning, etc.

My husband is a freaky loser who hates mushrooms. Does this taste good without them or is there some other veggie that might taste good?

Also, is the chicken base dissolved in water tons better than a can of chicken broth? I have never used that product, although I've seen it and wondered.


OOOO I was looking for something different to cook this weekend....hmmm could you add seafood like shrimp or scallops oooo chopped crab? Its high crab season here. I could get fresh picked crab right from the coast. Have you ever added sausage? Sorry, I always try to expand. Husband has to have MEAT at dinner. Not fussy about what kind just make sure theres meat somewhere on his plate. LOL


Looks great. I'll try this tonight.

Amanda, you had a recipe for oven browned cauliflower sometime in the summer. I printed it out and lost it. Can you please post that too?


I'm so glad you posted this--yum, yum, yum!


Nom. Nom. Nom. I'm with you on the base, that stuff rocks.


Thanks for the recipe Amanda. I plan on trying it this week. Is there any way you could link back to your previous menus? I must admit I "browse" through blogs for menu ideas & you made something with chicken thighs one night & shepherds pie the next (I think). Thanks!!

jessica fantastica

How important is it to use salted butter? I usually buy unsalted. I think I'll consult Google to see what the difference is...but if your recipe calls for salted I think I can make the change! :)


Making this for church potluck tonight.


Made this on Christmas Eve and it was delicious! I got raves from everyone. Thank you!

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Wow..I love that.. Looks so delicious.. :)
thanks for sharing..


this looks good i am going to cook this on Saturday...i look fwd to seeing my kids face smile!


This one is yummy! I have tried this for many times and my family still loves it. Thanks for this recipe!

Mack Shepperson

Yum! I love both mushrooms and pasta. The whipping cream would make this very savory. This is definitely a delish hodgepodge.

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