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August 06, 2008


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Fingers are SO crossed for Portland. I will house as many girls as I can in my tiny condo!


I've voted for Portland too. Because I love Rhi and she has promised to share her bed with me so that I can save money on hotel. I will also be in Portland visiting her this October. Will you throw me one of your awesome parties?


I'm sorry Amanda but I had to vote for Seattle, because if it was held there I and many of my cohorts here in BC would finally be able to attend. We'd be able to drive there too. Although if Seattle hadn't been on the list I would definately have voted for Portland...it's the next stop on the drive down!


I voted for Portland! I plan on going next year and I've always wanted to visit Portland, so that would work out well for me!


Ooooh, Portland or Seattle would make it a REAL possibility for me to go! I voted for Portland for you even though Seattle's closer. I can make that drive!

Kelly from Almost Frugal

I want Seattle, because my mom is there and I would have free babysitting. Not inconsiderable. But Portland would be great too!


Portland is in the top 3!!!!!


My in-laws would shit their pants (with joy, of course) if we headed back to Portland again next summer.

I'll agree - Portland's summer weather is lovely!

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