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August 21, 2008


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Two things: My grandma was quite the entertainer in her day and kept a little file with people's food allergies and things they didn't like. I should make you a little index card should I ever have you over :)

Secondly: Alton Brown says the only uni-tasker allowed in the kitchen is a fire estinguisher, but I have an egg cooker and I LOVE IT. But, I also love hard boiled eggs.

Oh, turns out there are 3 things: I've never had potato salad with Yukon Golds, but GOSH that sounds YUMMY!


For color and crunch I add raw peas or raw bell peppers in pretty colors. It's different but usually nobody minds since it's mostly for the crunch of it.

I love cheese, the stinkier the better. All cheese is, technically, moldy milk. Bleu cheese just has different mold! :)


It is quite good. The only thing I would add would be black olives.

What is it with you and lamb? Leg of lamb is awesome.


It still has ONIONS OF DEATH in it, no matter what kind they are. And yes, there may be another brand of mayo now that Kraft has a 1/2 fat version with olive oil. I haven't opened it yet, so I'll let you know. I may have to get me an egg boiler. I had no idea they existed and hard boiled eggs are Chad's usual work breakfast. It can be annoying trying to keep track of when the water started boiling. I'm not going to stand over the pot and watch. That would be the same fun-ness level as watching paint dry.


Amen to cilantro/corinader and the mouldy cheeses!
Did you know not liking coriander is genetic, some kind of enzyme. It's just bitter soap to me and my dad.
As for "evil cheese" as I call blue cheese et. al., I'm allergic to the penecillin family, which is what those cheeses use. Blech!
But this recipe looks much yummy. I'd have to add salt to it, cuz (opposite to you) you can never add too much salt for my fella. We run out so quickly in my house!
Becca :)


I am so excited because I have been wanting a recipe for Potato Salad and I too hate pickle relish! My husband did not care for the last recipe I tried that had pickle relish, dijon mustard and celery so, I am excited to try your recipe... plus, who doesn't love bacon! also, thanks for the pictures, they really help...


I could never eat your potato salad.... Hell, i barely like anyone elses.... the whole HB egg thing and the egg thing and the egg thing...LOL
Im not a egg-kinda-girl. Is it obvious?

Therfore, i've fallen in love with macaroni salad. Do you have a good recipe for that? I would love to see it as i love it when you post recipes!!

I often tell my mom......check manda's recipe on her website and make that-make that! Because she's such a good cook like you.

The glove thing... cracks me up everytime i see you wearing them!


Daughter will not eat potatoe salad and when I do make it the 1st thing out of her mouth is "you didn't hide any eggs in here did you"?. I LOVE the egg maker thing! Wooo gonna get one of those. Hopefully I will be able to find it. I love all kinds of food...don't like peanut butter and cooked beets.
I really enjoy your recipes have you ever tried red potatoes in your salad? You don't have to peel and they are awesome. I especially love them for mashed. I started using them a 100 years ago when I found out the skin had the most nutrients.
Everyone loves my potato recipes. But as daughter said if you have a good macaroni salad recipe pass it along!!!


Update: i made the potato salad and everyone loved it, thank you!

Potato recipe

Very best and simple recipe... Am gonna try this...

Picky eaters salad

You had done a good recipe for picky eaters.....

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