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August 10, 2008


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Two words - Select Comfort. My hubby and I have one (and we are NOT wealthy people at all) and it has made all the difference in both of our sleeping situations. It is worth every penny. I would seriously go to a store and have someone do the demo for you. The only complaint I have about the Select Comfort is that it can be, well, um, a little "squeaky" during those certain times when you, uh, you know.


Welcome home!

Oooh, the iPhone. I **HEART** mine, and seriously? The best phone EVER! You can do everything on it and all in fun, easy swishes of your fingers! AND you have the new one!! Congrats, girlie. Maybe now you'll be able to read my texts!!!


How about one of those "sleep number" beds?


We also did our school shopping at Gap kids (jeans!) and Old Navy (shirts!). They have cute stuff for boys and their little butts look so cute in those Gap jeans. :) Is Alex off to kindergarten? Mine's headed for first grade in a week. Fun!


I third the Select COmfort Sleep Numbers bed idea. BEST purchase we ever made. It's been almost 4 years since we bought ours and at least one of us still says on a weekly basis "I love this bed." Well worth the investment. We financed ours at 0% for the first year and paid it off before our year was up.


I've got to agree with pp - you need to check out the Select Comfort Sleep Number beds! I think you'll be much happier and your mattresses won't be constantly sliding apart. While the twin idea sounds good in theory, I'm not sure it will actually work the way you invision and I think you'll end up just as frustrated.


I understand about the Apple products being contagious! My cousin got an Apple iTouch and one touch is basically all it took for me to want one. I didn't need a new phone, but I NEEDED the iTouch! And I love it. I have all my music on there. I'm so addicted I even had an auxiliary line hard-wired into my car so the music on my iTouch would play through my stereo speakers. It's totally crazy!

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