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August 29, 2008


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Excellent post. Coming at a time when I was beginning to feel that all the blogs I read were written by liberals (I still read them, though). I do think people are dividing themselves over this, even though, like you said, "we're all different". I, too, will vote McCain in this election... and I feel better about it because Sara Palin got the VP nom. How cool is she?


I have to disagree with you (politely) on something. I do think there is a "wrong" way to vote...but not necessarily in the sense that you mention. I think it's "wrong" to vote blindly. To say "Well, my daddy's a (insert political party) and my mama is too, so that means I am and that's the way I'll vote". That sounds "high schoolish", to quote another responder, to me. It doesn't sound like that's what you're doing. But, a lot of people do that. I definitely think all people's opinions and values have to be respected...as long as they are their own, and something they've actually thought about with their brains and aren't acting like robots. I personally don't know which party I would affiliate myself to wholly. I register as a democrat, but that doesn't mean I agree whole heartedly with everything it seems to stand for...in fact, I don't. I'm more the type of person who doesn't vote for a party so much as I vote for the person. I definitely admire you for posting about your views...I hate that we have to feel like it's something we should hide. We might actually find out that if we don't hide more people are grown up and respectible enough to say "you know, I don't agree with you, but that's ok"...I'm really hoping that my kids will understand that =)


Great post.

I agree with Janie. It's not that we have different values. In fact, I think liberals and conservatives want the same things in the end. We just see different ways of getting there. The Dems want the government to handle the issues and the Reps don't want the government to handle it. They want private citizens (as in ALL of us) to step up to the plate. The important thing is to realize we're all in this together regardless of how we vote (or if we vote.)

That said --- I just can't resist -- GO MCCAIN!


I actually think there is a wrong way to vote. Voting strictly on party lines without knowing where the candidate stands on issues that are important to you is the wrong way to vote. Voting republican or democrat because that's what your mom or dad or spouse is doing is the wrong way to vote. Voting based strictly on tv ads, robot calls, and print ads is the wrong way to vote.
What I'd like to hear, rather than just a proclamation that as a republican you are voting your values, is what exactly are your reasons for choosing McCain?
And please don't think that just because I'm an Obama supporter that I want to have his love child. That's insulting. I am an Obama supporter because I know how hard he worked for the American people from the ground up. I believe he is the right choice to move America forward, to shake up Congress, to tamp down the bureaucracy that is weighing our government down. I'm all for personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility and small government but all I've seen from the Republicans the past 8 years has been the squander of a federal surplus, misleading us into an un-winable war, the devaluation of home values, the economy in a downward spiral, and a government that has gotten too big and too nosy. And I'm all for capitalism but not when it means awarding more tax breaks to the wealthiest individuals, the wealthiest corporations and the oil companies.
And yes, I am grateful to Senator McCain for his service to this country but that doesn't mean we should hand him the Presidency.
And please don't think that since I'm an Obama supporter that I won't listen to what the other side has to say. I've tivo'd the RNC and intend to watch it the way I did the DNC.
I appreciate your honest post about politics and understand how incredibly difficult it is to be on the receiving end of such vitriol.
It's just that I'd like to see less "card-carrying NRA bluster" and know more about the reasons for voting for McCain. It can't all be about the guns.


I knew there was a reason I like you so much :)


OH, I'm having political confusion myself. I've been running around assuming I am very liberal, and my boyfriend laughs lately pointing out that I am indeed quite conservative...who knew?! All I know is that I hope I can figure out who I want to vote for come the election...


THIS is exactly what i was talking about when i posted today about politics getting ugly. how one side always thinks they're "right" and the other side is "wrong"....
i like your post.. even though i'm not a republican. :)

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