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August 29, 2008


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Thank you for this post! I am a Republican as well. I went back to college and was talking recently with a classmate. He told me he was afraid to tell anyone he was Republican because of the comments that are constantly made. I was very disturbed to hear that. I read recently that America should not be called a melting pot, that melting pot implies everyone becomes the same. They said that America should be like a salad. You mix everything together and each part complements the other, but all the parts retain the things that make them unique.


I don't talk politics either because to me it's as fruitless as discussing religion; people are so passionate in their beliefs that a lot of the time the conversation becomes hostile. I openly vote on both sides of the fence; I voted for George Sr. but I was on the campaign committee for our local Democrat governor candidate, too. It's so important that we respect one another's positions-- and one another's RIGHT to those positions.


Brava, Amanda for standing by your values.

And to paraphrase Voltaire, I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death to allow you to say it.


Thank you!! My thoughts exactly, but I could have never said it so well. :)


Amen Sistah! Enough said.

bethany actually

THANK YOU. Another blogger and I, a fairly well-known one, were talking about how we rarely if ever mention on our blogs that we're conservative because it's such a divisive thing to say. And it needn't be! Many of the bloggers I read and love are strongly liberal; the fact that I disagree with their politics doesn't make me think they're stupid or want to read them any less. Why should the opposite be true?


whoa this was a brave post. and I agree, limit the political posts to the political blogs!


I knew there was a reason I like reading your blog. Well said.


I agree with everything you said except your statement that the way we vote is based on differing values. I think all Americans really do share the same values (liberty, equality, the pursuit of happiness, and everything that derives from those) and just disagree (vehemently) about the best way realize them.

I find it sad that it's impossible to have an interesting political discussion anymore--it seems that instead of intelligently dissecting the issues, everyone just parrots their own party's meaningless catch phrases. No one bothers learning in depth about a candidate's positions, and this at a time when the internet provides easy access to everything you'd want to know. I'd love to hear more about your politics, Manda, but you're right, any discussion would unleash a fountain of vitriol on both sides.


Sing it girl!
And the NRA? Really? I'd have never guessed.
My husband has been asking me to go clay pigeon shooting. Wanna double?


great job!!!! hell YEAH for the NRA!

Miss Britt

OK, on another note:

It's interesting to see conservatives "afraid" of saying that now.

I remember several years ago being afraid to talk about being a liberal for fear of being called unpatriotic.

I'm linking to a post I wrote two years ago about it:



I think I might just love you.

Taylor K.

hey! i TOTALLY agree with you 100%, i am republican too. I don't dislike liberals (for the most part lol) its just not me. I respect their opinion if they respect mine.

love your blog too. i just had my bypass and always re-read what you have written just to see if things are going the same. i do hope you'll write about it more!



I'm a Democrat and I agree as well. The philosophy you have about politics is the same one I have about all conflicts. Try to come from a place of understanding with people. You don't know how their life experiences have influenced their decisions.


That was pure awesomeness, Amanda! Thank you for saying it!


I absolutely agree that there's no "wrong" way to vote but I'd be interested to hear which values of yours are driving your vote, especially since your post (and I'm assuming your bad political discussion experience) happened so close on the heels of the choice of Sara Palin for McCain's VP.


OK, seriously - love this post. I have too frequently tried to engage in political discussions with liberals that ended when they couldn't debate the issue, so decided to insult me instead. Nothing annoys me more.

I'm interested to know what you think of Palin as VP. I am stoked to think there could be such a strong female role model in office.


You are "voting for McCain" and those who are excited about Obama want to "birth his love child"?

Good point. Very poor choice of words. You did just what you said you hated: made fun of and insulted people who are excited about a candidate who you don't support.


How is saying that anyone voting for Obama wants to have his love child any better than someone saying someone is stupid for voting Republican?

I agree, poor choice of words...hopefully.


yeah---the post was good but then it went a bit high schoolish.


well i loved the post and i dont discuss anything political with anyone except my hubby and that is cuz he just listens to me ramble on and on..but common no one will ever agree and that is what america is about..so way too goo..


You're awesome. I'm right there with you - I seriously have people ROLL THEIR EYES at me when I admit I'm a Republican.


It appears that some of your readers haven't heard anyone say they'd like to birth Barack O Boyfriend's love child. Odd.

Amy H

Right on! Great post. I am an Obama supporter but I agree with almost everything you said (minus the love-child comment and the thing about different values). I found myself writing a little about politics during the convention but didn't go too far with it and don't plan to do it much more.

I have been reading your blog for over 2 years and I think we agree with most things but I wasn't surprised at all to learn that you are a McCain supporter. I love reading your site and link to it from mine--so you are right that we aren't that different after all. And it is nice to know that we can all co-exist. Sometimes it seems so divided when you watch coverage of the conventions....

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