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August 12, 2008


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you should so check out moneysavingmom.com, I never had used coupons really but after I started reading her blog and slickdeals.net I am completly addicted, I now have a whole closet full of free stuf and have cut my grocery budget in half!!!


I miss Fred Meyer. I think they are my favorite grocery store. They don't have them here in Florida.


I just LOVE coupons!!! I love saving, I love the game of hunting out deals, I love looking for them in the paper. Every time I go I save at least $20, which in turn lets me upgrade to organic produce without feeling the pain. Good for you!

I did afternoon prek for a year, and am for another one, and I ended up preferring am b/c I felt like I was trapped in the morning. I couldn't go out and do anything, even shop, because it meant that I would either have to buy lunch out or rush home, make lunch, and then rush right back out for prek. But, I can see what you mean about needing to study, and it sounds like a good idea. Plus, you'll still have playdates; they'll just be with other afternoon kids, and you'll have them in the morning before school instead of afterwards.


I love Fred Meyer - my new condo is right next to one, so I look forward to shopping there again. There is a Safeway way too close to me now to pass up.


For those of us who have tivo and haven't had time to catch up on the last two episodes of SYTYCD, would appreciate a SPOILER ALERT before discussing FINALES! Just FYI, because now I am all disapointed, that I caught something and had to stop reading. And I know it was a week ago, but :(

Kudos on the Coupons though! Saving money is always good.


I am also in love with my FM rewards coupons they are the best.


Love those reward coupons - we get them for King Sooper.

And we've got lilies like those in our front yard! They just keep getting bigger every year - I think we've got 11 blooms. Thanks for reminding me to take a picture of them.

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