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August 13, 2008


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I apologize if you have answered this previously - it has been a while since I read your old posts.

-What is the very first step, and by that I mean, do you call up your insurance company and ask them if gastric bypass is covered?

-Is there anything you shouldn't say to doctors as far as when you are being evaluated for the surgery? I mean, I'm all for being totally honest, but is there anything someone might say that would have them be like "Woah! No surgery for you!"

-I have a child. We are on one (very small) income. So saving up would be insanely hard. Do you pretty much have to pay upfront and then be reimbursed? Cause I don't think I'd ever be able to afford it.

-Do you think having bad knee/leg problems would hinder your ability to be approved for the surgery? Here is my thing....my knees are so bad from being dislocated so many times in the past, that it is very hard for me to be on my feet for any length of time (let alone stay caught up with my almost 1 yr old). So I can't exactly go out walking every day, or even every other day. My knees are really that bad.

You may not know any answers to all my questions..but I figure I'd give it a go.

I have such a hard time getting over my eating issues. I've been heavy my whole life. The only thing that ever worked for me was in high school...and you know...all I did then was never eat. So...I'm kind of at a crossroads where I need to fix the problem. It is really sad to me to not be able to play with my kid on the floor cause I'm heavy and it KILLS my knees. :(


I love, love, love panko on fish. I have a great Mahi Mahi recipe using panko and macadamia nuts if you're ever interested. Also, can't wait to eat a real, whole meal. This looks so good!


Looks devine, all my favorite foods on one plate!


The coasts have some lovely towns that offer fishing charters - your hubby can catch lots of fish and you and the kids can tourist for the day and everyone is happy. We LOVE the Oregon coast (South Beach especially) but your are probably only a couple of hours from Longbeach. My husband did a charter couple of years ago, but he brought home tons of this fish I'd never heard of and didn't know how to prepare, but he was doing it more for the fun of it.


That fish looks so good. What is panko?


Holy crap, you belong on the Food Network! That is one beautiful-looking plate of food! I am intimidated by fish. What is panko?


Panko is a type of Japanese bread crumbs. You can find them in the asian isle at your grocery store. They are AWESOME! Everything comes out crispy and yummy. Much better than regular bread crumbs. Especially on fish!


in reference to the bypass and being pregnant: i am 7 months post-op 10 weeks pregnant whooa surprise. but so far all is fine and doctors asure me this is very common but im a nervous wreck. this will be our 3rd and im just wondering how you managed the eating and drinking? im having a really hard time trying to consume what they say i need. thanks so much for you post and i love your blog!!!


This does not look the least bit healthy. Except maybe the asparagus. Is that a puddle of tartar sauce on the plate in the midst of all those carbs and fried fish?

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