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August 25, 2008


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Am finally ALL caught up on Mad Men. We're currently in a friendly disagreement over whether or not they pad Joan's boobs.


" A lovely and DELICIOUS dinner at Brandy and Wayne's GORGEOUS house ..."

That isn't a house. That is an estate.


New bunny?!? OMG, how jealous am I. You have what I've wanted since we became bunny-less 3 years ago. This site http://language.rabbitspeak.com/ was really helpful for us when we had no idea what on earth to do with our biggest ever impulse buy (love at first sight does funny things), as was http://www.rabbit.org (I have no affiliation with either, was just glad for their help).


What a GORGEOUS picture. Wow. She's a keeper, that one!


I love this photo.

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