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August 08, 2008


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I didn't know your husband wasn't with you! (I must have missed that somewhere....) Anyway, kudos to you, girl! You're braver than I am!!


Welcome back!!

Morgan Swanson

I feel your pain.

Oh, dear lordy, I just returned home from Ventura, CA to lovely PDX via flying ALONE with my 9 week-old and my 21 month-old. THANK GOODNESS for Horizon Air and their complimentary wine. Words fail to describe the torture that is flying alone with 2 under 2, but here are a few highlights:

Everything was dropped on the floor at least three times (except the children), the older one kept poking the younger one and trying to knock her bottle out of her mouth and, when that failed, she ripped my glasses off, she kicked the seat in front of her approx. 4 million times, and finally, the (male) flight attendant had to come retrieve the little one's bottle from the floor (to end the shrieking) and he made a big deal about putting GLOVES on to do so, like the little pink plastic bottle was a germy, filthy, horrible thing to have to pick up. Sheesh.


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