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July 29, 2008


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So, where is the picture of these HOT JEANS??

Ahh...here is the thing. You can lose inches without losing pounds!


First of all, your hair is just freaking amazing.
I love it so so so so much, it's ridiculous.
Secondly, I would LOVE to hear more about your lack of body issues, since like you say, you're pretty much the only woman I know without them. I would really love to hear more.


Do you think losing all that weight contributed to your lack of body issues by giving you some perspective on Then vs. Now, and how Now, while not perfect, is so much better than Then? Or did you not have any issues before either?

I don't have any body issues anymore, I would say, but it was taking dance classes (esp. belly dance) as an adult that helped me.


Very true about losing inches and no pounds. I lost several inches over a six week period earlier this year...went down two pants sizes...didn't lose a darned pound, lol!

I think I'm going to try some of that Tigi stuff...your hair is too cute!


I love the Catwalk Curls Rock creme. It is awesome. I wake up, shower, put it on my hair, and I am done. By the way, I do think your new do is fabulous.

I think I need to get to the Gap because I would love to be a size smaller and without dieting. :)

Karen Sugarpants

It's not too late I would imagine - Y is very sweet and wonderful and would probably love if you told her what you're thinking.
And YES to The Gap. Totally.

Tami C

You may not have 'body' issues, but I've never seen a picture of you smiling, with teeth?


First, I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to see you while we were in Portland. Next time, we'll make plans far in advance!

Second, your hair looks beautiful! I loved it long too, of course, but it sounds like it's much less time-consuming now.

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