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July 14, 2008


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What's hilarious is last night I had a total pregnancy dream about you (NOT as creepy as it sounds!) The details are kind of hazy but it was really funny while it lasted and involved me apologizing a LOT because I kept yelling at you. Anyway, I'm so, so happy to have met you too and though I think that all friendships should start so easily, it's sad that things don't go that way more often. Sometimes it's worth fighting through things to hang on to someone...and sometimes it's really not. And that's pretty much the story of the last few years for me.


Hi!! I LOVE this!! I know I am guilty of that sometimes too - so the post from SchnozzFest really opened my eyes to how I act sometimes! I completely agree with you about having to walk on eggshells around friends. I definitely want to have the mindset that I take my friends as they are - that is my new mission! Can't wait to read your follow up on friend making strategy. :)


What a great post.

Helene Gaither

I couldn't agree more with your post and I'm looking forward to your post tomorrow on making friends. It's hard as an adult to make friends for some reason. I also agree with you on not walking on eggshells anymore and not being who you are..that's so 9th grade anyway, isn't it? The good friends I do have are so real with me and I don't have to put up a front or try to impress them, which is a nice change of pace!

BTW, I made your pizza crust recipe last night for my family!!! OMG...it was YUM-O!! My kids, who are all very picky eaters, scarfed every bite down! Even my husband, who is the pickiest of picky eaters, loved it!! It's gonna be a regular recipe in our house!


Thanks for posting about this! Can't wait for your fail-proof strategy, and I completely agree about people who allow you to be yourself.


I love your ONE requirement!!! I am going to keep this in mind - both what I expect from friendships - and what kind of friend I want to be. THANK YOU for addressing this whole idea of friendships, it's something I have been struggling with for awhile now. And, I too, can't wait for the your fail-proof strategy.
As usual, awesome post!


Dude, I share you sentiments exactly! I moved cities a year ago and am still having a hard time meeting a close friend. Part of it is due to the fact that I am only a few hours from home and run back there every chance I get. But since I moved I have started to befriend people I normally never would, as long as they're nice and don't beat they're kids I'll give I'll give em a go.


What a great post, I couldn't agree more.


This is so funny, because I was just thinking that you and my friend who live near one another would get along great. She has a boy just about Alex's age and he is just started a T-Ball team too! Also she has one about Genoa's age and a 3 month old. How funny would it be if the boys were on the same T-Ball team! :)

I agree with your friendship requirement though! How very true!


this is a bit of a random comment :) I tried your Parmesan Crusted Pork Tenderloin Chops recipe the other week! But, I used it with chicken instead, and it turned out very well! I was going to buy pork tenderloins, but they were SO expensive at the store. Thanks for the great recipe!

jen zug

Well, it sounds like I need to drive down there to see a new baby and have a cocktail with some friends!

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