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July 23, 2008


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Wow, that DOES like delicious. I'm going to try it with the black beans and salsa this weekend.


Mmm... casserole. It's almost like a breakfast version of tater tot casserole, except my husband could actually eat this (he can't have mushroom soup anymore b/c he's gluten free). I'll have to try it out!


I make a similar casserole in the crockpot. You put it all in the night before and it cooks while you sleep! Yummmm!


yummy! i can not wait to try this! and the best part is my 2 picky eater kids will EAT THIS! thank you.


I just had a heart attack on your blog, and my kids want it.


That looks delish! Can you put it together the night before and stick it in the fridge and just bake it the next morning?

I am so glad to know about that all-natural sausage!


This sounds so delicious! I think I'll make it for dinner though, my guy isn't much into breakfast (as in eating in the morning, not breakfast food). Thanks for the recipe!


I love breakfast cassaroles. You are so right, they are the perfect large crowd pleasing breakfast. My husbands birthday is coming up and we are having a big party with lots of friends staying the weekend, I'm definitly going to try your recipe. Thanks :)


*It's basically one big delicious MAN PIE. Meat? check. Potatoes? check. Cheese? check. Hoity toity ingredient? NONE. Green vegetables? NOT A ONE.*

HAHA so definitely NOT lesbian cuisine!! When trying to impress a girl with my culinary skills i definitely rev up the green veggies and hoity toities!

Henny Penny

It's in the oven right now. My husband wanted me to put jalepenos in it.


My heart just stopped.


In the oven cooking right now. I'm allergic to onions but put 1/2 onion in anyway as the rest of my family will eat and love this.

I never really did get the potatoes to brown. I always have that problem and have decided you really need a griddle to let them flatten out into a single layer. Oh well, it all still looks yummy!


OMG. I'm going to try that. The apple chicken sausage and Mexican variations sound delish too.



Yum! I'm so making that for my dad. He doesn't care much for casseroles, but he'll like that, I'm sure. I'm thinking of using turkey sausage and egg whites for my man, tho, he'll appreciate that!



Oh yum Amanda! Thanks for sharing this!


MmmmMM!! Looks way yummy!

I LOVE the pix you include. They make things FUN!! :)


I am going to try this for Christmas morning. I wanted somthing filling and good but don't want to be cooking breakfast all morning long. I will make most of it the day before and add the eggs in the AM. I will let you know how it goes. I am sure it is going to be wonderful. Thanks for the recipie!!!

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thanks for this lovely recipe !!! We love onions !!!



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Art originates from life, but higher than life!


Okay, I'm going to make two big plates of this for a charity bake sale. I'm not trying to get laid, but hopefully I'll raise some money.


Haha, the most frequent lies I tell to my daughter are also about the presence/absence of onions! This is for breakfast for her birthday slumber party, and I know it's going to be perfect. THANKS!


I am thinking about putting the potatoes in a single layer on a cookie sheet and let brown in the oven while I cook the saysage. Could then cook onions in the sausage grease. (Could make same casserole but substitute bacon or ham for sausage.)

One other suggestion. Please read up on using aluminum pans for cooking. There are health concerns relating to breast cancer.


Sorry for misspellings in my comments. @domesticgoddess--when my children were little, I put the onions, bell peppere, celery etc. in blender with the tomato sauce or chicken broth and blended the veggies up. If the kids asked about the green flecks, I said it was "Italian" seasoning. Today, I also add kale, spinach, zucchini, egg plant, broccoli, asparagus and other veggies (what I have on hand or feel would go well in the dish).

Jean Stewart

I am Canadian and just don't understand
"stick of butter", all USA recipes use stick so I never make any of them. Do you cut a block of butter into quarters? Your recipe sounds really good!

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