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July 23, 2008


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One stick of butter equals a half cup one way to measure is to fill a measuring cup to the half cup measure. Add slices of butter until the water gets to the one cup mark. One cup equals 8 ounces. Half cup equals 4 ounces. This method works with peanut butter and other solid ingredients. May not be exact, but close enough. There are websites that help with converting to metrics.


Sounds good, but was really SHOCKED by the language you used! Some of us are Christians, we really don't care to read about "getting LAID"...really??? Not very PROFESSIONAL!!! :(


Do you have to talk like that? "Getting a Laid". Come on. What about kids who might read this? I'm a Reverend, and I can tell you, I DID NOT appreciate your dirty comment. Plus it doesn't belong here!!!!!

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