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July 27, 2008


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I think if you got a grill basket they'd turn out fantastically. Also, I am still loving your hair.

Kelly from Almost Frugal

OK, grilling cauliflower? Tell me all about it? Did you just pop it on the grill, or soak it before hand? Marinades? Olive Oil? This just seems like such an incredibly cool dish, I need to know!


I can't get over how awesome your new haircut looks! So flattering!!!

Photographer Lori

You look stunning! I know I said this before, but your haircut is gorgeous! Has Dave gotten used to it?



Your hair is just killing me because it looks so great. It's making me very antsy to go get mine chopped.


I cook mushies on skewers on the BBQ all the time and don't have any trouble. I use the little button mushrooms and just poke from the bottom of the stem all the way through the middle. If you go through the side they will split. Zucchini I do all the time too, but have never thought to do cauliflower on the BBQ. Asparagus is nice if lightly grilled on the BBQ as well.


we have these cool little baskets that are long and skinny for things like mushrooms and tomatoes and such. they keep everything contained...


Your hair is seriously cute! Everytime I see a pic I'm surprised. Has Dave warmed up to it at all because you are Smokin'!


I also was wondering if Dave has warmed up to the hair? Why can I never post anything except how damn sassy you are with your new hair!?!


That's a great picture of you.

Yes, although I still prefer it longer, I have warmed up to the short hair.


That's a gorgeous picture of you.


I've never even considered grilled cauliflower and I like to grill everything. I'm stopping for produce this evening and I will definitely add that to my list.


You stole the show in that photo from both of those women. Looking effortlessly awesome!!!

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