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July 24, 2008


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Hi Girl!! :) That is the CUTEST picture of Harry!! It totally cracked me up!! LOL!


Your kids are adorable! Also, I am totally addicted to SYTYCD. I heart it so much. I also love Weeds. But I don't like pear cider. Something in my brain is not right and it tastes like soap to me.


Great picture. What does pear cider taste like, and how much alcohol does it have in it? I have almost zero tolerance for alcohol, 1/2 a glass of wine, and I wake up with a horrible hangover.


On the topic of hair products. When my hair was curly I LOVED the Biolage Curl Defining Cream. It makes the curls soft and bouncy and above all NOT sticky. At the end of the day my man could still run his fingers through it. Super important =)


Beautiful photos, as always :)
Glad to hear the pooch is "healthy, happy and balanced" again, as cesar would put it.
I'm totally addicted to SYTYCD too! I watch it on my DVR on thursdays, so i can fast forward through the crap and get instant voting-gratification.
I cant wait to see those two in a few weeks! OMG!


I LOVE these pictures! Good dog theory, too, I need to work on that with my own pooches...


I LOVE Weeds! After watching all the DVDs from Hollywood I HAD to subscribe to showtime. Shhhhhhh...don't tell my husband he is trying to be frugal with the price of gas, but I have needs Dammit!


Pear cider? I must look into that.

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